Please consider hosting one of our remaining students! 

Hosting is fun, you learn so much, and it brings a fresh perspective to your life. The kids are great! They are excellent students and are well vetted. You have 24/7 support in the event of an emergency. The students are insured and have their own money for school lunches, educational, sports and entertainment expenses. It is amazing how much of our culture interests and excites them. Imagine introducing your student to baseball or American football? Learning to cook Thai food, or play a Vietnamese game, or learn a German folk dance, Slovakian song, a Venezuelan sport. If you have children, it is a great learning experience for them, and it boosts their self esteem. If you are an empty nester or just never had kids, this is a great way to bring joy into your home. The love, laughter and friendship is invaluable. Lets not forget the opportunity to visit your student's family overseas and have an adventure of your own. Please host, you will never regret it.

Max (Germany,15) is an A student and in the top 10% of his class. He is kind, respectful, helpful and friendly. Max enjoys playing tennis, going swimming, water and snow skiing. He likes music and plays the piano. Max has Celiacs disease which he keeps in control by not eating gluten. I had found him the perfect home two months ago. The Superintendent of the school he was enrolled in called me two days ago and said "sorry, we changed our mind!". If you know anyone that can accommodate a gluten allergy please share! Max will purchase his own snacks.  

Lea (Germany,15) is an A-B student that is mature, independent and easy to talk to. Lea is a member of a group called "Students Help Students". She likes to do fitness, zumba and go jogging. In her free time she loves to bake. We had a family for Lea but they are no longer able to host. She's a great kid! 

Andres (Venezuela,17) is an A student and would like to become an Engineer. He is very open-minded, good natured, respectful and friendly. Andres loves to play tennis. In his free time he likes to listen to music. Andres is very responsible and is looking forward to making some life long friends. 

Gina (Taiwan,17) is an A-B student with advanced English skills. She is very friendly, communicative, thoughtful, independent and positive. Gina enjoys swimming, playing badminton, and tennis. She enjoys dancing, music, and plays the flute. In her free time Gina enjoys drawing and anything artsy. Her father passed away a few years ago and she has no siblings. Let's get this girl into a great family! 

 Chang (Thailand,16) is an A student that is very enthusiastic, friendly, cheerful and loves to meet new people. He enjoys playing tennis and squash. Chang likes music and plays the violin. In his free time he enjoys cooking & baking and reading. Chang also loves bike riding, computers, swimming, and going to the movies. He has been practicing English for 11 years! 

Hiep (Vietnam,17) is an A student that is friendly, outgoing and active but may be a little shy and quiet at first. She enjoys sports, especially volleyball. Hiep likes participating in volunteer and social activities and she LOVES animals! Hiep also loves art, travel, swimming, and picnics. Who can help Hiep come out of her shell? I would love to get her into an animal friendly household! 

Bekr (Slovakia,17)  is a B student and speaks both Slovak and German. He is friendly, active and independent. Bekr loves sports and now participates in Thai boxing and bodybuilding. He also enjoys swimming, soccer, and music. Bekr lives with his single mom and brother. He is very excited to learn about our culture and share his own. 

Feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns. 631-790-6907 Thanks a million! 


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