Summer Safety Tips From Security USA

School is almost out for the summer and Americans are gearing up for summer vacation. Whether your plans include domestic or international travel or just enjoying the local beaches or backyard pool, spending more time in the open air means more access to other people, including those with criminal intent.  Security USA is a full service security company with offices in midtown Manhattan, Log Island and Florida, offering armed and unarmed security guards, bodyguards, chauffeurs, doormen and the latest in commercial security technology. 

The management team at Security USA is made up of experienced security professionals with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement.  Not only are they experts at securing business and special event premises, but their experience has taught them to understand how the criminal mind works, which gives them an edge in preventing them from carrying out their plans.  In addition to the many business and commercial security plans they have put in place for their commercial security clients, they are experienced in providing for the home security and personal safety of high net worth individuals.  In addition to their full roster of business and personal security services available throughout the year, as your circumstances require, they can provide temporary security services for your home or business or even a guard to protect you and your family as you travel domestically or overseas.

The biggest summer security concerns for most people revolve around how to avoid burglary, theft and robbery while catching the breeze and how to keep property secure while they are on vacation.  The simplest answers are to invest in a central air conditioning system, utilize security technology in your home or business, and if you do have a security system in place, consider using a home automation or remote security monitoring app so you can monitor your home or business from wherever you are.  However, if these things are not an option for you right now, here are ten tips from Security USA for improving your safety and security, as well as that of your home or business during the summer months.

1.  Pay attention to your doors.  While you might want to capture the breeze, the most common points of entry by burglars are the front and back doors.  Make sure they are locked, including garage, shed and service doors.  Illumination at night makes it less likely that a burglar can work at gaining entry undetected.

2.  If you need to leave windows open for ventilation and your home has replacement windows, use the locks that allow them to be opened about three inches, but no more.  Don't leave windows open and unlocked in unoccupied rooms.  To improve business security, make sure that all windows are closed and locked before the last person leaves the premises at night.

3.  Examine your home or business from a burglar's point of view.  Are there hidden windows that would be easy to break into unseen?  Are there loose latches, locks or large vents?  If you were going to break in, how would you do it?  Then fix it, light it or find some other means of remediation to improve the security of your premises.  For businesses, the installation of a surveillance system utilizing closed circuit television (CCTV) can be a cost-effective means of boosting your security.

4.  If you are going on vacation, have your newspaper and mail delivery stopped, or have a trusted neighbor pick it up on a daily basis, leave one or more lights on a timer to give the impression someone is home, and leave the blinds closed so no one can look into your home and see that it is vacant.  If you will be gone for an extended period, have someone mow your lawn to keep the house looking well-maintained and lived-in.  At your place of business, have someone check periodically, or hire a security guard service to monitor your premises on a temporary basis if you don't have security guards year-round.

5.  If you are traveling for your vacation, contact your credit card provider to let them know where you will be, so they can monitor the use of your credit cards appropriately, helping you avoid criminal activity on your accounts and assuring that the transaction you want to make can be completed.

6. Turn off unused appliances and computers while you are away to save energy dollars and reduce the risk of a fire or computer security breach while you are away.

7.  Don't advertise your plans.  You might think that everyone who can see your Facebook posts is your friend, but when people like, comment or share, others can see those posts, and there may also be people on your friend list who you don't know very well.  Don't post about your upcoming vacation plans or post details while you are away.  Your friends and family can wait till you get back to hear about what a great time you had.  Also, don't change your phone message to say that you are on vacation and when you will be back.  You have no idea who might be calling you, and you don't need to let them know how long your home will be unprotected.  For your business, you may want customers to know that you will be closed, but you don't have to tell them where you'll be.

8.  Don't leave your car or service vehicles unlocked, or with windows open.  Not only does it make it easier to steal, but it also makes it easier to break in and wait for you, putting your personal safety and security at risk.

9.  Don't make yourself an easy target on foot.  Wearing awkward (or no) footwear or carrying too many items can make it too easy for a person with bad intent.  A barefoot person in a bathing suit with an armload of beach paraphernalia is unlikely to be able to resist or give chase in the event of a robbery, theft or personal attack.  Consider how you look to a potential predator.

10.  Keeping your valuables at the beach:  The best security advice is to bring only what's absolutely necessary to the beach.  If you arrived by car, place your valuables out of view in your car and lock it.  If you must bring them on to the beach, don't leave them unattended.  If you can't have someone at the blanket at all times, buy a waterproof pouch and take them with you.  If all else fails, camouflage them well and bury them at the bottom of your pile of stuff.  The less it looks like valuables, the less likely it is to be taken.  For example - a wallet wrapped in paper towels inside a ziploc bag in a cooler is less of a target than one in a pocketbook.  We've even seen it suggested that you wrap your valuables in a diaper to discourage thieves!

Security USA is a security guard company with offices in midtown Manhattan, Smithtown, and Florida, providing quality security services to commercial, residential and personal clients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, New Jersey, Connecticut and the entire northeast as well as Florida.  They can be reached at 1-866GUARD80.  www.securityusainc.com.


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