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Red Cross Solidifies Relationship with Port Washington Crisis Team

Red Cross formalizes agreement with PWCRT.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

The American Red Cross on Long Island and the Port Washington Crisis Relief Team recently formalized and strengthened their relationship. 

A recently signed Memorandum of Agreement establishes a framework and catalyst for continued cooperation between the two organizations for providing human compassion, food, water, personnel, equipment and/or information in support of disaster relief operations.

"This partnership enhances the ability of both organizations to better serve the Port Washington community relative to disaster preparedness and the coordination of disaster planning and response activities," said John Miller, CEO of the Red Cross on Long Island.

The Port Washington Crisis Relief Team is a not-for-profit local volunteer organization devoted to supporting the residents of the Port Washington community during times of crisis and disaster by assisting people in need with shelter, sustenance, supplies, information, communication and humanitarian outreach. PWCRT provides assistance to residents of Port Washington and their friends and family, regardless of their citizenship, race, religion, age sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or political affiliation.

The team was activated most recently under the auspices of The Red Cross on Jan. 3, 2013 in response to winter storm Hercules. The PWCRT supported and staffed a warming center at Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington, opened and run by the Red Cross at the request of Nassau County.

According to the Red Cross, the key point of contact is PWCRT President Robert Seiden and the founding PWCRT team: Vivian Moy, Elise May, Gail Seiden, Dan Donatelli, Paul May, Jonathan Fields, Debbie Greco, Dave Franklin and Meagan Parker.

"I am proud and honored on behalf of our local grass roots organization that we are able to make a difference in the lives of our community, and that ability is dramatically enhanced with the partnership announced today with Red Cross of Long Island,” said Seiden. "This collaboration has and will increase our ability to help the residents of Port Washington when they need it most."

The MOU focuses on a number of key areas of disaster preparedness and response.

Opportunities for collaboration:

  • PWCRT may be formally activated by the Red Cross to provide shelter support, bulk distribution centers, crisis relief centers or staging facilities as they relate to the community of Port Washington.
  • PWCRT may participate in training, drills, exercises, planning activities, community preparedness activities, local disaster committees and Long Island VOAD.
Community preparedness activities:
  • Red Cross encourages PWCRT volunteers to continue to take the free Red Cross online disaster tutorial, "Be Red Cross Ready" and other training courses.
  • PWCRT may distribute "Be Red Cross Ready" preparedness materials.
Communication between organizations:
  • In order to better serve the residents of Port Washington, representatives of both organizations have agreed to maintain open communication as it relates to disaster preparedness and response.


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