Black History Month in Mixed Media 'Quilts' at Library

A special exhibit in Port Washington.

February brings a mixed media collage quilts by artist Robin J. Miller in the Port Washington Public Library’s Main Gallery. The exhibit is courtesy of the Library’s Art Advisory Council.

Miller retired from the New York City school system in July 2012, after more than thirty years of teaching. During the first half of her career she served as a special education teacher, the second half as a highly celebrated art educator.  During her years as a teacher of visual arts, Robin became a facilitator for New York City’s Blueprint for the Arts and earned the honors of both New York City and New York State Region 8 Art Educator of the Year. She also conducted art workshops for teachers across the city in many venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art.

In 1992 she created a print ad for Pepsi honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., under the pseudonym "r.j. scribbles." She is currently a resident artist at the African American Museum of Nassau County in Hempstead, where her poem and tempera illustrations of a Ugandan village are on display.

Miller specializes in African American Heritage art and poetry. Her mixed media collage quilts span from slavery to presidency. She is working on two books to accompany this collection while the museum executes plans for this exhibit to travel across the country.

Recently Miller received an award from the Talladega College Alumni Association of Greater New York for outstanding contributions in art education, innovative techniques,volume of work, her passion and creativity with African American heritage art and poetry.


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