A Family Affair: Commisso and Company

The Port Washington hair stylists say keeping ahead of the trends and open communications are key to running a family business.

The Commisso Family. Credit: Courtesy Photo
The Commisso Family. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Hair styling is all in the family at Commisso and Company in Port Washington. Tony Commisso began his career at the age of 12 in a family salon in a Calabria, Italy. By 1987, Commisso was making a name in the industry in Port Washington, by owning and working in salons in town. Now, at Commisso and Company, he works alongside his wife, Ida, and their three sons: Dominic, Carlo and Marco. Patch caught up with the family business to talk shop.

Education is key: In an ever-changing industry, keeping up with the latest trends is a top priority. The brothers teach and take classes, serve as stylists at hair shows and educate others on hair product companies. What they learn out in the field they bring back to the salon.

Family matters: Members of the Commisso crew say that even thought they are family and partners, they don’t always share the same business vision. And the differences in opinion can present challenges, they readily admit. How they get through it: holding regular meetings, nailing down job descriptions and remaining flexible, they say.

Point of pride: The company’s new Main Street location, where the Commisso family held an open house celebration in September for their one-year anniversary. Their mantra? the biggest asset any business can have is its people. 


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