Port Washington: Open For Business

Main Street is starting to light up.

A number of businesses are open post-Sandy. Some are even allowing customers to bring their power strips and recharge their wireless devices. 

In particluar, Harbor Deli has had lines out the door as it offers free, functioning wifi to customers. A generator truck has been parked outside for days, powering the shop. Some customers even brought power strips so that others can plug in and recharge.

Here, customers cheered when a man walked in and announced "The traffic signal on Main Street is on!"

Others felt hopeful as news spread that the lights were on Herbert Avenue, Mill Pond Road and Manhasset Isle. 

"It feels like the Bob Newhart show, with a small town coffee shop feel," one customer said. 

"We should start a meetup group," said another. 

Other retailers and eateries are open, though some with limited power. These businesses include Dolphin Bookshop, Computer Port, Main Street Bakery & Cafe, Dunkin Donuts, Wings Plus, Sullivans Quay, Rosas, Franks, Toscanini, Ginos, Salvatores, Louie’s, Stop and Shop, Finn MacCools (bar), Hinck’s, Alpers, Port Beer and Soda, Bayview Deli, Shell (near Burger King), Carlos, Chase, Port Washington Federal Credit Union, Haven Diner, Wit and Whim. Port Washington Public Library opened its doors on Friday. 

Opening Saturday, Chez Josee. Also, Stam Antiques (formerly Giles Antiques) at 287 Main St will open on Saturday 12:30 p.m. and will conduct for Port Washington area residents free written appraisals of any valuables damaged by the storm. Evolution Pilates and will offer charging stations and free coffee – bring a mug. Back to Life Chiropractic is also open. 

Other retailers that are back in business is Uncle Giuseppe’s, which is fully functional, offering ice, bottled water and hot food.

Best to call first to check on hours. 

Bryan V November 06, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Also, let's say they charged $700. You might have considered buying 2 generators then (since it is below what you thought it was worth and you were willing to spend $1,400 anyway). Now you might not have needed the full 15,000 watts for your home, but you figured what the heck, since it was selling at a good price I'll take 2, one as a backup. What does that do for the rest of the people who need a generator? You are reducing the supply faster than the market (in this situation) would have demanded and leaving those in need without a generator. I could then say that "that is disgusting" (I am not saying you are the type of person that would hoard generators, I'm just trying to play devils advocate and make a point here).
Bryan V November 06, 2012 at 03:24 PM
By the way, the same problem exists with gas. My wife filled up her tank when it was capable of lasting 5 more days. She did this because the price is affordable, and figured why not. This is hoarding- it exists BECAUSE prices are not allowed to rise. Bad idea. Let the laws of supply and demand take effect. BTW- When I had the chance to buy a generator from Shields, I decided to pass and reduce the demand, i knew i could deal with the cold for a few more days- it's not that difficult (for me- not saying others can do the same). I don't have a lot of disposable income and felt since the generator was only a temporary solution that my $1400 was better spent helping those who lost their homes and had no place to sleep or anything to eat. I bought food, water, supplies, etc. worth $1,000 and packed my truck and drove to LongBeach and Staten Island instead. Maybe more people should do the same.
Rich M November 06, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Again, we have no powerjsut like many others .I hear these messages from our friend peter forman and wonder if he believs his own rhetoric?the message today was in defense of the the mayors of port washingtonand himself how they are constantly in contact wiht LIPa etc, etc, .I want to know how the Mayor of port norht got his town up and running days ago?? I live on beverly road and i reiterate one side of the block has power my side does not ! mr.forman insists hat the LIPA battle cry that 90% will be on line by weds 11:00pm so we may still be part of the 10% when weds passes and the storm on that day dont tell me they will be working , they do not workmin rain and winds ( not that i blame them).so, peter i suggest tou and tor elected eam et up a nd get these guys to concentrte on your port washington people.I heards an interviiew from the COO of Lipa and they have stopped going into the longbeach, st.james, brookville areas adn when all is back up,he plans on then to attack thse areas .I feel for those por people how an a decision like that get made to ababndon them like this. we need th power on .Imsalos suggest you people hat are complaining about price gougeing aboit various products put tor enrgies in the right dirextion by hounding our elected officials to get our lights back on .contact the mayors office , mr formans emergency office etc, etc.get you heads straight and know your priorities.
Bryan V November 06, 2012 at 07:34 PM
my priority is to help the people that need the most help, which is not Port Washington residents with power out- (hence my spending $1,000 on food and supplies for LongBeach victims). I suggest you heed your own words "get heads straight and know your priorities". Leave the politicians alone- they are useless right now and can't make LIPA work any faster; it's just wasting your time- time that could be spent volunteering in badly effected areas. LIPA is working as fast as they can because they want the power on more than you; they are losing tons of money by not selling electricity to good paying customers right now.
Concerned Citizen November 06, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Its illegal to price goug especially at a time like this the store owners have NO right to raise the prices if they would like


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