What Business Should Replace Crave?

What should replace the downtown eatery?

File photo.
File photo.
It was announced this week that Crave restaurant has closed its doors in Port Washington.

According to published reports, the American-style eatery on Haven Avenue failed to stay in business after opening less than 11 months ago.

The business was shut down briefly after a small fire broke out at the restaurant June 6.

The downtown site across from the train station was once home to the Montebello, a family-style restaurant.

What do you think would work well at this location? Tell us in the comments section.
Honest opinions January 08, 2014 at 06:53 PM
Yeah. I was the bad guy with something against them when I posted a fully truthful comment about how terrible my first and only experience at this place was. I told you they would be gone within a year. I hope the owners who attacked me for being honest about their problems are reading this so they can see this full capital letter....I TOLD YOU SO!!!!
Michele January 09, 2014 at 08:28 AM
It would be great to have a restaurant with entertainment (as Crave tried to do), but with better food and service. It's a real plus that the LIRR parking lot is across the street providing free, available parking in the evening and on weekends. Since it's on a side street, they would have to create a buzz and offer real value so that people know about it and want to go there.


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