Starbucks on Main Street Gets A Facelift

Starbucks is under renovation, but the doors are mostly open.

 is getting a cosmetic update: new flooring, wall units, lighting and other enhancements – but no structural changes, according to management.

The shop will most likely close early on Friday.

As the renovations continue, so check the establishment's front door for posting of future closings.

Doug Schlaefer July 01, 2011 at 08:11 PM
Can they also put together a program to properly handle the garbage they generate that both complies with Town Code and keeps the Rat population to a minimum, instead of just putting a huge pile of plastic garbage bags out on the corner of Haven and Main Streets so it can sit out for days without regard for the garbage pick up schedule. You can observe Rats both big and small running in and out of the catch basin and over from the railroad tracks feeding on the aforementioned garbage bags. The tree on Haven Avenue had to be removed and sidewalk replaced because so many rat-holes were around the base of the tree and Rats festering under the sidewalk. I would never spend two cents in that establishment no matter what "cosmetic" improvemnts they make. Shame on Starbucks, they are a bad neighbor!!


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