The Barn: A New Spin on An Old Classic

Just in time for summer, The Barn offers a modern, healthy twist on convenience.

Good bye, Dairy Barn. Hello . Located at the former Dairy Barn on Port Washington Blvd, this concept is a modernized version of the drive-thru convenience outlet that so many residents rely on while in their cars.

With everything from ice pops to organic yogurt, milk and eggs, to barbecue supplies, The Barn has many of the staples a family needs to beat the heat this summer, and accepts credit cards. Also available: coolers for perishables. 

“We have anything someone might need for a quick fix, and if they need groceries to bring home later,” said owner Aegina Angeliades.

Angeliades says she spent 15 years running concession stands in lower Manhattan. Now, she and her family run The Barn, and believe in offering as many options as they can to better cater to the community. The family has purchased 20 other Dairy Barns, converting them to The Barn. And while Angeliades did not discuss the financial investment into the venture, she did say they may still purchase existing Dairy Barns.

“We loved the idea of a drive-thru convenience store, but there was something about the concept we just wanted to enhance,” she said.

Customer service, she said, is a key ingredient.

“We want to make it an easy, convenient, friendly experience,” she said. “We follow the old school values of knowing the names of our customers, how they like their coffee, stuff like that.”

The company is also looking into a rewards program for loyal customers. 

They don’t forget man’s best friend, either. The Barn keeps dog biscuits on hand for dogs traveling with their owners that day.

They also thrive on feedback.

“We’re always open to suggestions,” Angeliades said. “People say they want a certain item, and we stock it as soon as we can.”

Current sale items at The Barn include free hotdog or hamburger buns with the purchase of hotdogs or hamburgers. But sales aren’t the only way The Barn is kicking off the summer season. The company is also offering summer employment for students with working papers.

“Any good-hearted student is welcome to apply, part time or full time,” Angeliades said. Through that and donating to local school events, The Barn is trying to become as integrated with the community as possible.

And keeping with the Dairy Barn roots, it serves Oak Tree milk, along with the infamous Oak Tree iced tea.

“We sell the iced tea by the cup or by the half gallon,” said Angeliades. “We want to keep the idea of ‘for now and for later’.”

Adina Genn contributed to the reporting. 

Nassau Taxpayer June 25, 2012 at 05:29 PM
So this was or wasn't a union-busting move?
Ben June 25, 2012 at 06:38 PM
This was called "Drive Thru Drugs" in the 1970s pot was sold by a guy who worked here.
Dawn Andrew June 25, 2012 at 07:44 PM
I have been there since the new owners took over and really love the healthier options. I am on the road all day and eat on the go all the time. It is really nice to stop by and get a greek yogurt with a protein bar.
Lisa Patterson Lay June 26, 2012 at 11:02 AM
IN-famous Iced Tea? Isn't that a bad thing?
R Miller July 29, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Partly true. Technically they are shutting the stores down and then reopening as the barn as a way to eliminate the unions.


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