Missing Port Washington Kitty Returns Home

Darcy found his way back after nearly 2 weeks.

Darcy, the nine-month old kitten who , has returned, said pet-owner Kenn Schubach.

As Schubach told Patch, Darcy had escaped his Port Washington home by pushing through a screen door, and was last seen going up a wooded hill into Sands Point off of Graywood Road.

Numerous readers wrote in, with possible Darcy-sightings, and words of encouragement. The messages were forwarded to the Schubachs.

"As long as the cat has it's claws, it will be fine until they find it," wrote one reader.

By mid April, Darcy found his way home.

The Schubachs had just returned from a game at Yankee Stadium, when they spotted Darcy in their driveway.  

"He was meowing and we tried to coax him to come closer, but he stayed away," Kenn Schubach said. "We got some food and he came to eat, but when we got too close he'd run away."

So the Schubachs left the door open and went out of sight. About 10 minutes later he cautiously went into the house. Diane Schubach had stayed outside and followed him inside. 

"We are very happy that we have our wonderful kitty back," Kenn Schubach said. "He's already reverted almost entirely to his 'normal' self."

The Schubachs extend thanks to all "the great Port Patch readers who assisted us during the past week, helping us get our feline family member back."


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