Local GoFundMe Campaign to Help Educate Tibetan Children Nears Goal

Campaign $700 short of meeting goal.

Tibetan children assembling in a schoolyard. (Photo: GoFundMe)
Tibetan children assembling in a schoolyard. (Photo: GoFundMe)

A Roslyn GoFundMe campaign posted by Nina Henning which supports the education of young Tibetan children who live in the Tsum Valley, a region of Nepal, is taking donations to be used for the hiring of a teacher.

According to the GoFundMe page, providing education to these children is the primary passion and aim of Geshe Ngawang, a Tibetan monk who currently lives in Kathmandu but is from the Tsum Valley.

For the past few years, Ngawang has raised funds to hire four teachers to serve the educational needs of about 60 children living in villages that are spread out across the valley. Henning has committed to helping him raise enough money to hire at least two teachers. 

With $1,645 in five months, one teacher has been hired but Henning is $700 short of her goal to help hire a second teacher.

Click through this link for more information and to support this GoFundMe.

Check out other local and national GoFundMe campaigns by clicking here.


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