Missing Port Washington Cat Gets Happy Reunion

Oreo reunited with Cheerio and other family members on Monday.

Oreo at his temporary home on S. Washington Street, Nov. 12, 2013. (Photo: Amanda Wolfe)
Oreo at his temporary home on S. Washington Street, Nov. 12, 2013. (Photo: Amanda Wolfe)
By Rich Jacques

Who says cats don't have nine lives?

That magic number might be down to eight for one lucky Port Washington tomcat after finding itself on Patch's missing pet list last month.

The white male cat with black spots was discovered wandering in early-November near St. Stephens Church by resident Amanda Wolfe who lives on South Washington Street nearby. 

With a freeze expected, the concerned animal lover took the animal in and placed a notice on the Boards section of Patch Nov. 12.

Response to the post, which was placed on Port Patch's Facebook page, was significant but to not avail. No claims were made to the cat. 

Two weeks later, a local woman turned to Patch in her search for her stray pet with a post on the Boards section asking for help in finding her three-year-old kitty of similar description to that of the stray. 

Days later, a connection was made.

As it turns out, the missing cat's name is Oreo and he's got at least five people and one brother, also named after a food product, who have been missing him immensely.

"I have three daughters and we also have his brother "Cheerio," commented owner Jessica Kavalan Rapaccuiolo on Patch after realizing her beloved cat was safe nearby. 

Rapaccuiolo and her homesick pet were reunited Monday at Oreo's temporary residence near to from his permanent digs on Carlton Avenue, leaving family members overjoyed.

"Just told my kids you have him and they are jumping up and down," said Rapacuiolo.
Sean Hassett December 04, 2013 at 09:14 PM
Keep your cats indoors!


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