Port Washington Named A Top 50 Yachting Town

The list is according to Yachting Magazine

Manhasset Bay’s natural beauty is no secret to Port Wahsington residents. Now the rest of the world knows too.

Yachting Magazine has named Port Washington to its list of “50 Best Yachting Towns 2012” towns. It cites the bay’s “location and accessibility” as parts of the draw.

Also touted are the local free , art galleries, and antique shops.

Some of the points mentioned by Yachting magazine are slightly off, including the suggestion of “a stagecoach or trolley ride” as a “great way” to get around town (perhaps the visitor was here during or a ?) And the content about the links to one in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

But, after all, those are small points – and one yachters might not note, at least when initially exploring Long Island Sound.  

Still, we agree that our coastline is a gem, and certainly worthy of a top-50 rating.


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