After Sandy, Police Commissioner Thanks First Responders, Community

PWPD was heroic, Angela Lawlor Mullins said in a report on behalf of the board..

Police Commissioner Angela Lawlor Mullins read the following statement at the October 14, 2012 Port Washington Police Commissioners Meeting in her Chairman's Report on behalf of the board.

The Board of Police Commissioners of the Port Washington Police District is very thankful for the outstanding and heroic efforts of the Port Washington Police District before, during and after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Under the leadership of Chief William Kilfoil, a disaster plan was managed and executed with the utmost professionalism and care for the Port Washington residents, visitors and businesses. 

As we sit here today with heat and electricity, I can recall at our Oct. 24, 2012 evening meeting, Detective Guzzello discussing the district’s plans for the expected storm. I thank the Chief’s Office, Detective Guzzello and Sgt. Carver for all their hard work and preparation for Hurricane Sandy.      

I would like to thank the Port Washington personnel who worked tireless hours  in the cold, dark, rain, snow and under dangerous conditions. In addition, I would like to thank the dispatchers and other ancillary staff that performed above and beyond their duties. I would like to recommend a letter of commendation be placed in each of their employee folders with thanks and appreciation from the Board of Commissioners. 

The Port Washington Fire Department under the leadership of Chief Geoffrey Cole responded to 430 calls and 4 working fires. The men and  women of the department are to be commended for their effort under such difficult conditions. 

Additionally, I would like to thank the following:    

  • PWMOEM Commissioner Peter Forman
  • Mayor Robert Weitzner and Steven Kaplan from Port Washington North    
  • The many residents of Port Washington who volunteered their time and efforts to help the community and others in this time of need. 

I thank you all, God Bless Port Washington, the Port Washington Police District, and God Bless America.

The Board of Police District Commissioners consists of Angela Lawlor Mullins, chairperson; Dave Franklin, treasurer; James Duncan, secretary.


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