BREAST CANCER & GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER SUPPORT SERVICES: Female Cancer Division at Women’s Therapy Center, Plainview, NY

If you are someone you love is in need of support services after a breast or gynecological cancer diagnosis please contact us to find out about our comprehensive services offered through the Female Cancer Division at the Women’s Therapy Center in Plainview, NY. Our services are for women diagnosed with breast, uterine, vaginal, vulvar, endometrial, colon, and rectal cancer. 


“The launch of the Female Cancer division provides our patients, their family, and the community with a comprehensive, expert intervention for all phases of female cancer, from diagnosis to healing to life after cancer,” said Dr. Ditza Katz, co-founder of the Women’s Therapy Center.

Cancer services as the Center will offer individual counseling, support groups, vaginal rehabilitation, sexual therapy, incontinence management, medical massage, lymphedema and post surgical rehabilitation, image consulting and Esthetician services. In addition, we can offer services including: navigation of the hospital and medical system and obtaining financial resources in the community for prescription co-pays or medical bills or other costs related to cancer treatment.


Counseling and navigation services provided by our Cancer Specialist: Jennifer Kolton, LCSW. Jennifer has been working only with cancer patients since 2009.


A cancer diagnosis can bring on many different feelings and issues. Some of these include: anxiety, anger, depression, isolation, fear around death and dying, managing treatment side effects (hair loss, fatigue, and “chemo brain”), fertility and egg harvesting, sexualit, body imaging, dating and intimacy, returning to work during treatment, talking to children and loved ones about cancer, and symptoms related to PTSD (post traumatic stress).


Jennifer also specializes in counseling for women who are BRCA+ (diagnosed and prophylactic decisions), women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, and women diagnosed 45 and under.


The Women’s Therapy Center was founded in 1996 by Drs. Ditza Katz and Ross Lynn Tabisel.  The Center is dedicated to the genital, emotional, and sexual health of women. Please contact us at 516-576-1118 or email us at doctors@womentc.com. To make an appointment or to find out more about our services please check out our website: www.womentc.com



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