Making Microstamping a Top Priority

Assemblywoman Schimel joins with Senator Peralta and Congressional candidate Grace Meng on microstamping.

Assemblywoman Grace Meng, a candidate for Congress in Queens recently called on me as a chief sponsor of legislation to microstamp semi-automatic pistols, to join her on the steps of Queens Borough Hall on Monday, July 16.

Ms. Meng called for immediate action on the part of state and federal elected officials to require all new semiautomatic pistols to be capable of microstamping ammunition. 

We were joined by Senator Jose Peralta, the Senate sponsor of microstamping legislation, to ask elected officials to join the 80 police departments and law enforcement agencies across New York that support microstamping.

I am not surprised that Assemblywoman Grace Meng is stepping up to the plate to support microstamping. She has been a supporter in the Assembly. Grace’s pragmatic approach to legislation and finding solutions makes her a leader on such an important issue. With more than 40 percent of homicides in the United States going unsolved each year, Grace is standing on the side of public safety and law enforcement to help reverse a staggering trend of increased gun violence – both in the state and country.

Michelle Schimel is the New York State Assembly representative for the 16th Assembly District. She was first elected in a Special Election held on March 27, 2007.

Jarhead1982 July 24, 2012 at 12:09 PM
Yawn, stupid is as stupid does.
TL671 July 24, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Why are you so set on killing the several thousand jobs in the firearms industry in your state? That is the only possible effect your continuing to push this unproven, unreliable, easily defeated, expensive, patented process, with huge potential for abuse by criminals. Remington has already stated, that if microstamping becomes law they will pack up there operation and leave NY, taking their 1000+ jobs with them. If you think the other firearms manufacturers in your state will not follow suit, you are severally mistaken. As to the potential for abuse I mentioned, what is to stop the criminal element from hanging out at gun ranges and picking up the fired, microstamped brass of the law abiding citizens who are shooting there, and spreading them around there particular crime scenes? While their own firearms having either come from a state that does not require this job killing nonsense, or being a revolver that does not eject cases, or most likely having been defaced by something as simple as a file to no longer imprint on the primer of the case. your complete lack of knowledge and common sense(did you not learn from cobis?) will surely cost your state jobs, if not your political career, not that the latter is a bad thing, we need to rid our entire political system of those of you who continue to restrict our freedoms.


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