New Tips for Adding Life to Floral Arrangements

NEW YORK, 2014

 There’s nothing nicer than fresh cut flowers to brighten up a room, and nothing worse than a wilted arrangement and dropping petals, due to neglect.  Whether it's a professional arrangement or flowers from the garden, a few easy steps will significantly prolong life, beauty and fragrance.


“Gift arrangements from a high quality florist can last as long as a week if properly cared for,” according to the experts at Flora2000.com, a leading international flower and gift website that delivers flowers and gifts in the U.S. and 190 countries. “Even flowers from your garden, with a little bit of extra love, they’ll remain fresh and live longer.”


Following is a list of recommendations and home remedies to increase the lifespan of freshly cut flowers.


Snip to Perfection-Trim 1/2- 1 inch of the stems using a sharp knife or scissors before placing them in a vase. A dull utensil damages the tissue/cells at the end of the stem and prevents flowers from absorbing water and nutrients efficiently.


Floral Hygiene-Put flowers in a squeaky clean vase washed with soap and hot water or even in a dishwasher,to prevent the existence of residue or bacteria from previous flowers.


Sun Burns-Sunlight dehydrates flowers once they’re cut, so keep them in a cool spot out of the sun.


Veg Out- Vegetables and fruits emit an odorless gas called “ethylene” which is lethal to flowers.  Keep them a few feet away from the bouquet.


Daily Tune-up- Trim the flower stems every other day and remove loose or dead leaves to maintain flow of nutrients.


Thirst Quenching – Cut flowers need fresh water.  Change the water every couple of days to prevent bacteria build-up and add water in the vase daily.  Keep the petals moist, this will help in keeping them fresh.


Happy Hour - A few drops of vodka or chlorine added to the water are crucial to inhibit bacterial growth.


A Spoon Full of Sugar - Adding a teaspoon of sugar or soda is a sweet trick that allows blossoms to last longer.


Take two Aspirin - Adding a crushed aspirin, which contains acid, to the water to mimic acidic soil will increase longevity.


“We always recommend that customers use the nutrient packet that comes with every Flora2000 arrangement, once the water is changed. These tips will help extend the life of high-quality, local flowers.”


 Flora2000 is the world's leading flower and gift portal, that undertakes international deliveries across 190 countries. Flora2000 offers a wide range of floral arrangements delivered in elegant and eco-friendly packaging.  Clients around the world also rely on Flora2000 for the most appropriate business or personal gift. To place an order, visit Flora2000.com. For more information follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.



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