NorthShoreAlert: New Power Failures, Hurricane Recovery Center Moves

Shelter opens in New Hyde Park; pet shelter has capacity.

NorthShoreAlert, the mass communication system for the Port Washington-Manhasset peninsula, issued this message at 4:10 p.m. Wednesday. Sign up for alerts at NorthShoreAlert.org

  • New power failures are being reported throughout our area from higher winds, which will continue to strengthen until late tonight.
  • The closest shelter for overnight is now New Hyde Park High School on Leonard Rd, New Hyde Park. The Pet Shelter at Mitchel Field still has capacity.
  • The Hurricane Recovery Center (day-shelter) at Landmark is moving to the Port Washington Library beginning tomorrow.
  • It will operate from 9am-9pm. It is a warm place if you need one, and offers a place to recharge and get wifi, hot coffee.
bthebest November 08, 2012 at 03:36 PM
It us now day 11 of no power, freezing temps, no hot water & minimal light. It is frustrating that there are NO lipa trucks in the area, we live near St Peters, but I would have to say that i am very disappointed with Weber middle school for assigning an over abundance of homework as well as unit tests in multiple subjects this week! The kids have an hour of daylight in a 52 degree house to do homework & study & the library is not always a viable option for all.
Mike Olson November 08, 2012 at 03:59 PM
LIPA has continued to remain silent on the prospect of when power will return to the Port Washington area. The only trucks I see working with any frequency are Optimum and Verizon. Just last night I heard a rumor (that's rumor not fact...yet) that implied that we would not have full power until Thanksgiving! If this is the case I suggest that all the homes effected collectively refuse to pay their LIPA bill fro at least 3 months. I would be glad to contact any news outlet (CNN, CNBC, NYT, etc) to get them on the side of the people effected. Mike Olson


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