NorthShoreAlert Update: Storm and Post-Storm Information in Port Washington and Manhasset

The mass notification system offers information during-storm and post-storm recovery.

NorthShoreAlert, the mass notification system for the Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management under Commissioner Peter Forman sent out this pre-storm, during-storm, and post-storm recovery information. Readers are encouraged to print or record it for later use:

If you lose power, please follow these steps:

1. Contact LIPA by one of the following methods. You may need to have your LIPA acct number handy.

   a) Call (800) 490-0075

   b) Text to 695472 (myLIPA)

   c) Go to lipower.org on the web

 2. Contact your village office to let them know of the power outage.

   a) Try to use email if you can.  This is the preferred method.  Email addresses below.

   b) If you cannot email, then call.  Numbers below.

   c) If you are unable to reach the village as specified above, as a last resort, you can leave a message on the PWM OEM line at 516-883-0000.  It will be checked periodically for messages to be routed to the Village.  Please use this only if you cannot reach your village.

   d) Please note that while calling LIPA is the primary way to report a power loss, you may also report the power loss to the village, so it is informed and so that PWM OEM can attempt to assist in restoration coordination with LIPA, if necessary.

3) Please…

   a) Do not call the police to report power outages!

   b) Do not cross flooded areas—especially if they are roped-off.

   c) Keep any drains on your property clear.

   d) Secure outdoor objects and remove any Halloween decorations that would be dangerous.

   e) Note that trains, buses, and railroads may be suspended at the heights of the storm. Plan ahead.

While we hope that the storm turns its track away from us and that we get lesser effects, we must plan for the risks regardless.

To receive free alerts, be sure to add or update your contact information on NorthShoreAlert.org. Include email addresses and cell numbers are entered. Even if you have received phone calls in the past, this does not mean that you are subscribed for email, text, and cell alerts, so sign up and encourage friends and neighbors to do the same.


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