NorthShoreAlert: Saturday Update

The latest on power, gas, schools and shelter.

NorthShoreAlert, the mass notification system, released this message Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

This is the Saturday Sandy Recovery Update.
Firstly, a house-keeping issue. Please note that even though not everyone has email, we will be shifting to more updates by email and fewer by phone.
Therefore, even if you receive these phone calls, if you have not ALSO signed up for email and cell updates at NorthShoreAlert.org, you will not receive -all- of our messages. So please got to NorthShoreAlert.org as soon as you can. 
- Power is increasingly being restored throughout our community including significant portions of the commercial districts. Many residential neighborhoods have had portions restored. Nevertheless, the majority of the area remains off-line and LIPA maintains a 7 day “major” restoration forecast. Still we would not be surprised if increasing sections come back on line in next few days. Areas most distant from the commercial downtowns and those with extensive damage could still expect a prolonged restoration period.
- A big, big thank you to those who lent us lights and heaters for the shelter. They are no longer required and can be picked up from Landmark On Main St theater.
- The Manhasset HS shelter remains open for those needing a warm place to sleep for tonight. The American Red Cross asked us to convey the following : We have “established temporary housing for homeless from Long Beach and other Long Island areas at Manhasset High School. As you see these folks around Main Street and town, please make them feel welcome.
- As many of your know, there is an extreme shortage of gasoline with lines running for hours. We understand that power has been restored to some of the tanker terminals and we may expect shortages to begin to improve over next few days.
- The PW School district currently plans to reopen the elementary schools only when they can all open. They are considering reopening the high school and middle school separately but gas shortages may affect teacher availability. Manhasset Schools are concerned about all of the local tree debris and traffic signal issues. Both schools are evaluating daily.
- There has been no update on polling places. We will advise when we have something.
Unless there is time-sensitive information, there will not be another update today.


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