Police Offer Prom Safety Tips for Parents, Teens

Prom season is approaching, and that raises concerns about associated risky behaviors.  

Port Washington Police Commissioner Angela Lawlor Mullins and Chief James Salerno of the Port Washington Police District are reminding young people to make responsible choices and to encourage others to do the same.  

To ensure everyone has a safe prom night, parents and guardians need to talk with their teens regarding prom safety.

Tips For Parents

  • Know and discuss the school code of conduct before the prom with your child.
  • Does the school code of conduct extend to off-site functions that have been approved by the school?
  • Know who your child is attending the prom with and discuss the events for pre and post prom parties with other parents.
  • Discuss the dangers of drinking and driving. New York State law mandates arrest and license revocation/suspension of any person under twenty-one driving with .02% or more Blood Alcohol Content. (One drink!)
  • Talk with your child about the dangers of club drugs, warning signs and who to notify for assistance.
  • Pre-plan and role-play answers that your child can use to get out of uncomfortable situations. (e.g., offered alcohol, getting a ride from an intoxicated driver, unwanted sexual advances, etc.)
  • Discuss guidelines and a curfew. Discuss the consequences of violating these rules.
  • Discuss travel plans, use a reputable limousine service that will not allow a person to bring, serve or introduce alcohol into the vehicle.
  • Know who is driving to the prom and who will a passenger. Limit the number of passengers to increase safety and reduce driver distractions.
  • Know the location of post prom parties and who is sponsoring them.
  • Talk to your teenager about the serious dangers and consequences of underage drinking and driving.
  • If your child’s’ plans change, confirm the change with the parents of other children.
  • Remind your child that you are there for them, if they need a ride home or to an after prom affair

Tips for Teens

  • Alcohol is illegal for persons under the age of twenty-one underage drinking is illegal and can result in arrest, injury, or worse!
  • Don’t let friends drink and drive
  • Plan ahead—make sure you have a safe plan for prom night.
  • Discuss your plans with your friends, remind each other about responsible decision-making and confronting peer pressure.
  • Do not accept any drinks from someone you do not know. If you leave your drink, discard it and get a new one.
  • Do not leave your possessions unattended
  • Learn the warning signs for alcohol poisoning and drug intoxication, contact 911 for assistance and immediate treatment.
  • Take extra money or have a responsible person available for transportation for a safe ride home or in case an emergency arises
  • Remember to charge you cell phone and have it with you
  • Know where you are and where you are going, keep your parents and friends informed
  • Trust your instincts, if you feel endangered or uncomfortable, leave immediately.
  • Intoxication by alcohol or drugs can lead to poor judgment and dangerous situations.
  • Remember to contact your parents if your plans change
  • Practice and discuss answers you can use to get out of uncomfortable situations
  • Do not allow anyone in your car or limo that has drugs or weapons. It is dangerous and every one in the car is at risk of getting arrested
  • It is illegal to alter your drivers’ license or any other form of government identification.

Dawn Andrew June 10, 2014 at 07:39 AM
Thank you for all of these tips. I think many parents take for granted that our kids know all of the above points, but they are worth repeating.
lori June 10, 2014 at 08:11 AM
The night before the gambol is also an issue now that graduation has been moved, sadly. Lets hope we can move it back to Friday morning next year, for many reasons, but first and foremost for the safety of our children. What a misyake to move it :(
Dawn Andrew June 10, 2014 at 10:40 AM
Agreed. Safety will be an issue that night. We are trying to figure that out ourselves. Communicating with other parents to coordinate safe places for the kids to hang out after graduation.
lori June 10, 2014 at 01:37 PM
I believe that this is a mistake, & I do seriously hope that next year the graduation day will be moved back to Friday morning, it worked for so many years, changing it because some parents thought it was too much is just ridiculous. Now there is a Weber and Schreiber graduation on Thursday, the Weber graduates cannot have lunch with their families because they need to go to their party at noon instead of in the evening, and there are the obvious safety issues. I do not know how some parents managed to get this changed. It is shocking.


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