Port Washington Water District: Drinking Water Completely Safe

Officials say there was no salt water intrusion in the water system; no boil-water advisories issued.

The public water supply in Port Washington is completely safe to drink, even after the most recent storm. 

That's the word from the Port Washington Water Districtoard of Commissioners are assuring locals that the public water supply saw no salt water intrusion from the recent storm. Officials there say the districtexperienced no interruptions in its water supply during the power outages, and most importantly, no boil water advisories had been issued.

"Emergency planning and protocols are always in place to ensure that our distribution systems are fully operational, said Port Washington Water District Commissioner Mindy Germain, in a statement.

“Our staff has been working around the clock to make certain that our drinking water is safe for our communities and they are on standby in case an emergency situation should arise," she noted.

And while power outages did impact several plants and facilities, a series of emergency backup generators kept the district's water supplies pumping on a normal schedule.  As a result, there were no reports of water loss. A portion of the pump stations were switched to generator power since the beginning of the storm.  

Water is also pumping at full operation to fire hydrants for the fire department, the district said.

Nicholas Capozzi November 19, 2012 at 08:43 PM
It might be safe but my cat won't drink it because it tastes like heck if it's not filtered.


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