Tell Us: Buying Back Illegal Guns?

Do programs like this make a difference in reducing street crime?

Nassau County purchased some 330 illegal guns this week and put them on display at the Office of Emergency Management on Tuesday. 

It was an impressive collection: nearly 200 handguns, 15 assault rifles, seven sawed-off shotguns and two semi-automatic handguns.

The question we pose is this: Do you think these programs work? Do they make a difference, or only serve to remove a small portion of the illegal guns on the street?

What is your solution to illegal guns?

NYB February 22, 2013 at 02:28 AM
Were the obviously stolen guns returned to their rightful owners? Were those thefts investigated? The rifles do not appear to be illegal in any way. What a joke.
EB February 22, 2013 at 04:03 AM
As far as I'm concerned, the fewer guns out there the better. But I hope someone was checking serial numbers of these guns against a list of stolen guns, and also any info that could relate them to crimes. But now what happens to the weapons that do not have legal owners? Are they destroyed in some way that they cannot be used in the future?
NYB February 22, 2013 at 05:08 AM
They are ALL likely destroyed, it's a "no questions asked," event. They ask no questions, likely no investigation into any crimes they may have been involved in...anyway, it's not like criminals leave serial numbers at the crime scene so how would they make any connection with the people turning them in being anonymous? Crime guns, stolen guns, all destroyed, whether they are evidence or the personal property of a crime VICTIM. All this event does is encourage people who wouldn't use them illegally to turn them in, people to steal guns from their criminal family members and destroy evidence of crimes, or encourage criminals to go out and break into the homes of law-abiding gun owners, steal their guns and turn them in to the police for a quick buck and no risk. This is just a feel-good measure, a show put on by people who need votes so you think they care. Criminals will always have weapons, fists, claw hammers, guns, whatever. This is just a great way to anonymously dispose of a hot gun.


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