Update for Port Washington North

News about power restoration for the village.

Steve Kaplan, Port Washington North OEM Commissioner, provided an update relevant to the village at 12:22 p.m.

LIPA crews are working in our village and we believe Mill Pond Acres, Shore Rd and sections of Soundview are already restored. As restoration proceeds please let us know only if you remain out when neighbors on the same line are restored. We only want to notify crews when they may think you are restored but not. Also report any lines that are down but not reported to me as yet. Mayor Bob, Trustee Cohen and I have been in constant contact with LIPA and while they are here working be aware that lines down behind homes will take longer than others lines.

Also be aware that LIPA will usually NOT repair damages to lines attached to our homes. Thus please call a licensed electrician to repair lines from the connection on your house including the meter to your inside panel. We suggest you not wait for LIPA lines to be repaired when you may well have a further wait to first call an electrician.

Reminder that hot showers are Harbor Links, Comfort, warm food and charging facilities are available at Landmark on Main street.. WiFi can be gotten at Stop and Shop. Gas remains hard to get so do not find yourself without gas to get home. Thank you and remain safe - stay away from downed wires of all types.

Please dial 911 only in the case of life threatening emergencies. For outages Contact LIPA at 1-800-490-0075 and the village at PortNorth@PWMOEM.org or if you must the village phone 883-5900 with new or isolated power outages. Then also report power restoration to me. Note: We have already directly reported to LIPA all the downed power lines reported to us to date.

port north citizen November 05, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Parts of Port North are still out. Has been no information from the Village. Pitiful. No crews in sight. Poles are down on Chanel Drive. Is that the culprit? We need information. Phone voice mailbox at PWM OEM is full and won't accept message. WE NEED INFORMATION!


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