Boaters Recycle Shrink Wrap at Town Dock

Tons of plastic from hundreds of boats spared from landfills, officials say.

Hundreds of North Hempstead boaters each year wrap their boats in shrink wrap to protect against harsh winter elements. Now, an increasing number of boaters are discarding the wrap in a planet-friendly way via recycling. 

This year, more than three tons of plastic wrap have already been dropped off at the Town’s site at Town Dock in Port Washington. Officials say they've already received wrap from approximately 1,200 boats.

“This new recycling program has been a tremendous success in its first season,” North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth said, about the initiative. 

“So much of our town borders on the waterfront, and so many residents own boats," she added. "This recycling program makes a lot of sense.”

The town’s recycling vendor, Omni Recycling, is carting the wrap away at no extra charge to taxpayers.

“I am thrilled about the overwhelming participation of our marinas and boaters,” said Fran Reid,  the town's chief sustainability Oofficer.  “With their help we are able to divert tons of plastic from entering our landfills.”


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