De Giorgio: On Parking Issues, Pay Stations in Port Washington

The goal is for local businesses to thrive, the councilwoman says.

North Hempstead Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio, R-Port Washington, received a letter from the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 9 regarding in Port Washington. The following is her response.

My goal is to have local businesses in Port Washington thrive. In response to a request by the BID and the community, meter hours were increased from one to two hours on Main Street, from Haven Avenue to Shore Road. At the same time, meter hours of operation were reduced by one hour overall to allow free parking after 5 p.m. Since taking office, I have been seeking ways to improve the appearance and traffic flow in our customer and commuter parking lots. There are positive changes planned in the upcoming months.

As soon as I became aware of the issue with the pay stations, I investigated relocating the existing pay stations and determined that relocation was not feasible. I agree that some additional pay stations are required. I submitted a resolution requesting that the Town Board approve funding for two additional pay stations; one in the lot behind Frank’s Pizza and one in the lot behind Dolphin Book Store. The resolution will be brought before the Town Board on September 12th. If approved, the installation should be completed in about four weeks. 

At the request of the Chamber, I will seek a resolution increasing the meter hours of operation from 2 to 3 hours in the lot behind Carlos’ Pizza. Additional signage has been installed in the lot behind Frank’s Pizza to increase the visibility of the existing pay station until an additional one is installed. At the same time, signage indicating the presence of a municipal parking lot was installed at the Jackson Street lot in response to several merchant requests.  

I am currently working on developing a merchant parking plan which I expect to present to the Chamber of Commerce and the BID in October. The goal of the plan is to offer merchants the ability to park in designated spaces in the lots adjacent to Main Street; maximizing the availability of “premium” parking on Main Street. The plan will have no negative impact on commuter parking.   

Helping local business succeed is my priority. I will continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Port Washington BID and local merchants to achieve that goal.

jonathan winant August 28, 2012 at 06:27 PM
I wonder if the Politicians are reading the comments on the Patch because many have mentioned the problems with the new meters. Some have given good solutions which need to be implimented as soon as possible if we are to save P. W. Businesses which seem to be leaving everyday.
Craig Baines August 28, 2012 at 08:09 PM
OK while I guess Bobby Polay has to justify the paycheck and come up with another memo to another pandering politician. Why doesn't Dina relocate the pay station into the middle of the parking lot and solve the whole problem cost effectively instead of wasteing more of our taxdollars to buy more pay stations we do not need. No cost analysis just piss the tax money away. These parking lots are too small to justify more pay stations! Don't the bulk of the people who park in this lot go west to the train station anyway, so I guess it makes sence that the pay station is located on the west side of the lot. Can't we go back to 4 councilpeople, it was good enough since 1784.
jonathan winant August 29, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Craig I received a very interesting e-mail from someone at ToNH who explained the parking meter problem in detail. I am in no way defending the choice of where meters ended up, but rather explaining what I was told. First and most important is the "Disabilities act" which dictates rules for locating the muni meters. Wiring, Cement bases to anchor the meters, loss of parking spaces and other factors had to be considered and rules had to be followed. Explained is that if found necessary another meter can be installed. Remember this is a trail period for a new idea. The cost for another meter was also taken into account as was the age, need for repairs and lost revenue of the old meters played factor. By the way those who complained about no free ten minutes in parking lots need a reality check. THERE WAS NEVER ANY FREE TEN MINUTES on meters in the lots only on meters along the street. The free time was when you used up time left by the previous parker which meant the Town lost needed money. Give the new meter system time and then send in your complaints or suggestions. Remember these types of meters are used in ore places then you count.
jonathan winant August 29, 2012 at 04:42 AM
As informed by the TONH there are numerous factors which have to be taken into consideration when figuring out where to locate the muni meter. Disabled, electrical, lost parking spaces were just a few. There is nothing written that says the town can't add more meters if found necessary. This was just the first step to save money and stop the loss of revenue when people use up time left over from the last parker. This also addressed the complaint that there was not enough parking time in the lots.
Nassau Taxpayer August 29, 2012 at 10:38 AM
Do you think black is white? From the Town revenue standpoint, do you think "free ten minutes" is any different from utilizing "left-over minutes"? Do you think charging for "left over minutes" generates MORE Town revenue? Are you a paid apologist for this fiasco?


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