Outrage Mounts as House Fails to Vote on Sandy Relief

Sen. Jack Martins lends his voice.

Outrage continues as word spreads that the House of Representatives will not vote on Sandy Relief. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, pulled the bill back from a vote that was expected Wednesday.

Sen. Jack Martins, R-Mineola, lent his voice to the chorus of officials decrying Congress' inaction. A member of New York State Senate’s Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy Recovery, Martins blasted the inablity of the House to bring to a vote the $60 billion Superstorm Sandy disaster aid bill that had already been approved by the Senate. 

“There are people living without heat, running water and electricity during the coldest days of the winter and the House of Representatives adjourns without approving the aid. Shame on them,” Martins said, in a statement.

“It’s an embarrassment and a disgrace," he added. "There are people struggling from the effects of a devastating storm. To just go home without even a vote is inexcusable.”

Martins joins leaders that include Rep. Peter King, R-Seaford, and President Barak Obama, decrying the House's failure to vote on the package.

Rep. Peter King, R-Seaford, the congressman who is primarily pushing for the emergency aid package, called the move "indefensible."

"The Republican Party has said it's the party of 'family values,'" King told CNN. "Last night, it turned its back on the most essential value of all, and that's to provide food, shelter, clothing and relief for people who have been hit by a natural disaster."

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel, said the speaker is “committed to getting the bill passed this month,” according to the Associated Press.

Ryan Bonner and Joseph Kellard contributed to this report. 

Bob January 02, 2013 at 09:59 PM
Pretty amazing to see King and Chris Christie blast Boehner and the Republicans for reneging on a promise to allow a vote on Sandy Relief Aid. Looks like the Republicans are now eating their own. And Christie has a big appetite.
Artie Barnett January 02, 2013 at 11:29 PM
Christie stepped away from politics to help his people and for that he must now suffer.....along with his people and ours. Boehner and his kind are what is wrong with the GOP and the party needs to choose new leadership.
George Wittner January 03, 2013 at 01:36 PM
Well when republicans attack tax increases then want aid they will be eaten by their own. Boy did this hurt the political career of some rising GOP stars. Sadly that's their take on it. Not the real victims of nature ie. Sandy. Eyes are wide open fellows. You can't talk out both sides of your mouth.


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