Poll: Mangano, Suozzi Statistically Tied

The county executive edged the Democrat by only 386 votes in 2009.

A Newsday/Siena College poll released this week showed the rematch between County Executive Ed Mangano and challenger Tom Suozzi could go down to the wire.

Suozzi led Mangano in the poll, by a 42 percent to 41 percent margin, well within the 2.4 percent margin of error.

Mangano took over as county executive in 2009, when he stunned the heavily favored Tom Suozzi by 386 votes.

The poll surveyed 1,715 Nassau registered voters.

Suozzi still has to win the Democratic primary on Sept. 10, but that shouldn't be a large obstacle for the former county executive, if the most recent poll is to be believed.

Suozzi led challenger Adam Haber 58 percent to 25 percent.

Jim August 31, 2013 at 05:25 PM
If your complaining about high taxes in Nassau County maybe you should look at your "savior" Tax em Tom. (since you enjoy playing name games) While he was County Executive Mr. Suozzi raised property taxes a whopping 23% in addition to imposing a 2.5% home energy tax. (The tax Ed Mangano did away with) STILL not satisfied with the 23% tax hike, he proposed an additional 16.5% tax increase along with a new County food tax prior to thankfully being voted out of office. Look at his track record, if you dare. When he was elected Mayor of Glen Cove he raised property taxes by an astounding 29% his very first year in office. Tom Suozzi had 8 years to fix the Nassau County tax assessment system but chose to do nothing, he was too busy raising taxes and cutting County services. Fools speak before they know the facts. Is that you?
Archie Bunker August 31, 2013 at 10:06 PM
How about choice "C" -- None of the above


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