Residents: Parking on Jeannette and Annette Drive A Nuisance

Commuters block driveways and restrict emergency vehicle access, residents say.

Parking along Jeannette or Annette Drive may seem like a good free option for commuters traveling by rail to New York. But if the residents who live on those blocks have their say, that option may soon be a thing of the past.

These residents are tired of the number of commuters who park there for hours, blocking driveways and restricting emergency vehicles access.

At a recent public hearing at , officials and residents looked at establishing parking restrictions to improve sight distance and corner clearances in these two areas and to establish alternate side of the street parking restrictions from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays. But a vote will not be held until June 4.

“Fire trucks and ambulances cannot get through these streets because of the parking in this area and it has become a public safety issue,” Councilman Fred Pollack pointed out. “This has been an issue for a couple of years and it’s getting worse.”

Donna Nachman, Port Washington resident who lives in the area, feels that too many commuters park their car by day and walk to the train station. She believes alternate side of the street parking would only push the cars further back to one side of the road.

“We need a solution that everyone can live with – maybe three-hour parking restrictions,” Nachman said. “If we leave for 15 minutes in the morning and then come back, we cannot park in front of our home because cars are blocking the streets. We need to make it clear for school bus and emergency vehicles to pass.”

Like her neighbors, Maria Harris wants results.

“We need a neighborhood-wide solution,” she said. “It’s going on too long.” 

lori May 26, 2011 at 02:57 PM
If the laws are changed, then fine - commuters won't park there. Residents must also abide by the laws, though, which until now have not prohibited parking there - and commuters have not broken any laws by doing so. However, residents have put nasty notes and garbage on cars - that is illegal. By the way, it is dishonest to say that driveways have been blocked or emergency vehicles prevented from getting through- these residents just don't like the cars there, which is fine - nice to see them acting in a legal way to change it, rather than dirty looks and illegal behavior. It took a while to get there, glad they are acting responsibly (if I lose a spot because of a fair and legal process then so be it).
John Russell May 26, 2011 at 07:04 PM
Talk about NIMBYism, the residents of these neighborhood don't own the streets! Street are there to be parked on, look around you, cars are parked on streets all over the place. What makes your block so special that you can't have anyone parking in front of your house?? Sounds like the residents have come up with some weak excuses as to why people can't park on the streets there. I find it hard to believe that someone would park in front of someone's drive and leave the car there. Even so, just call the police if that happens. ....continued in next post
John Russell May 26, 2011 at 07:06 PM
The people in these homes have no rights to put up bogus no parking signs and leave nasty notes on people's cars. Last time I was forced to park on Jeannete drive, some arrogant homeowner left a nasty note on my car. I have news for you, keep your hands off my car! If I have to park on this street again because there is not enough parking to accommodate residents who need to take LIRR, you better not put your hands on my car!!! I have heard of cars being vandalized on these streets, do any of the local residents who want no one parking on their streets know anything about this?? Writers of the Patch, how about doing an article on the real source of this problem. Tax paying Port Washington residents with valid parking permits who have nowhere to park because the lots in town fill up by 8am. People wouldn't have to park on Jeannete drive if they could park in town lots. Write about the other group of Nimbyists who shot down the parking garage. The town has supposedly purchased new lots, all I see is a big pile of dirt. What is taking so long to finish these lots? The town has failed it's residents. All people want to do is have a place to park so they can go to work and support their families. Without adequate parking, many have to struggle to do this.
lori May 26, 2011 at 08:10 PM
I agree - if cars have been blocking driveways call the police - but I'll bet that hasn't happened. Residents have no right to park on the street - if you want to save a spot on the street then park on the street (we won't park in your driveway because that would be illegal). While it may be frustrating, a legally parked car is a legally parked car. It looks like we all agree that a larger police presence may be needed - to keep commuters' cars away from driveways (if that has happened) and residents' hands off our cars and also to prevent the placement of illegal signs. I am all for that! Too bad we missed the hearing!
jba May 27, 2011 at 03:30 PM
I also live in a neighborhood used for commuter parking, and although it is sometimes and inconvenience, I do acknowledge the right of all drivers to park, legally, in front of my home. Unfortunately, there are plenty of drivers in this town who do ignore stop signs, red lights and speed limits, let along parking regulations. Laws do not matter much in this town if residents and visitors know that they will not be enforced by the PWPD. According to the NYS DMV manual, which I am assuming accurately states the law, a driver may not park within 30 feet of a stop sign. Every single day I see cars on my street and many others in town parked right in front of stop signs. This makes it very difficult and dangerous to turn onto and out of these streets. It shouldn't be the responsibility of the homeowners, who risk feeling like a nuisance, to call the police every day about these issues. If they were routinely enforced (along with the rest of the motor vehicle code), perhaps this town would be safer for all.


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