Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Hackers

Congressman Israel shares important information about how to protect yourself from cell phone hackers.

We’ve all heard about the News of the World voicemail hackings in Britain, where several celebrities had their privacy violated. The same technology that was used to target Sean Connery and Hugh Grant could just as easily be used to violate the privacy of Long Islanders.

Think you’re safe?  Check out this video to learn how easy it is to hack a voicemail.  In fact, it’s so easy a 54 year-old Congressman can do it.

The trick is this simple: By visiting one of the many phone number “spoofing” websites a perpetrator can call the voicemail service and access a victim’s messages without having to type a password. 

Most people don’t have secrets of interest to the tabloids, but many people do have delicate financial or personal information that they assume is private stored on their voicemail.  This is exactly why every cell phone user should have their voicemail protected by a password – and every wireless carrier should make password-protected voicemail a standard feature in their products and contracts. Some may think this added safety step is a waste of time, but they’re wrong. Your privacy depends on it.

That’s why I have sent a letter to the FCC asking that they work with wireless carriers to make password-protected voicemail standard for all mobile phones and contracts. The chairman of the FCC has already publicly admitted that vulnerabilities in voicemail privacy need to be addressed; now is the time to make sure that we take steps to protect consumers.

For more information on my work protecting Long Island consumers, please visit http://israel.house.gov.

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jonathan winant June 18, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Most of you are clueless about how to use this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment on the actual posted topic. The topic was well written and needed to be discussed. Far too many people are unaware that your voicemail can be looked at by others. Who knows what information lies on a voicemaqil box. If you have a hatred for the poster send him an e-mail or letter which can be easily be done as he is a Political figure. Anyone want to comment on the topic of the post which was about cell phone security............ Scoobie
Robert Dann June 18, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Congressman: Let's stay on point. Your record is a sad commentary on your leadership and the rubber stamping you provide for this president and the policies he espouses which most of them are unconstitutional....the examples are too numerous to cite here. Let's just say it not about "We the People" but in your case; the Central Planners.
Grifhunter June 20, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Respectfully, Congressman, the marketplace will correct this problem as people will flee phone providers who don't provide password protection. Enough with lawmaking. Hows about some investigation! What have you found out about Fast and Furious lately? Would you prefer AG Holder keep his papers secret? How come the government keeps secrets about its screw ups but distributes intelligence leaks about its perceived success in battling terrorism?
MItch DeMarco June 21, 2012 at 04:45 AM
I think its more that cell phones and the cell phone companies are very dangeros both with the information they colect and the equipment they put in neiborhoods and I think this congresspersona and all our elected leaders should rally behind giovanna giunta and help the people of manorhaven get rid of the cell tower thats making our neiborhood unlivable and its now been proven trhat if you stand up for the health of the peoples that their is no limits to where you can go. And when she tears doiwn the cell tower I expect all our leaders to stand behind her and protect the children from cell phone rays I always use a password to keep my information safe from people who are always trying to get personal datas they call them hackers.
Andrew Wayne December 19, 2012 at 11:34 AM
It is highly important for each of us to protect ourselves from phone hackers, and even though it is easy to hack your voice mail, other aspects shouldn't be overseen either. For example, leaving your phone with someone untrustworthy could be dangerous as well, so implementing an access code on your phone is would be a good idea. Having strong passwords and a practical way to manage the passwords you use on your phone and on the sites you access through your phone is highly important. Additionally, having important data or documents on your phone on the long term is not recommended, but if it is necessary, you should have a backup of these somewhere else than your phone. And be very careful with what and where from you download apps. In any case, more tips on how you can protect your phone from hackers can be read here: http://www.prestinaegele.com/technology-protect-yourself-from-cell-phone-hackers Hope it helps. Andrew


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