Common Sense Alternative Solutions And Thinking Way Past Due

There are many infrastructure and common sense solutions and alternatives that could enhance both safety and quality of life. It's time to tell the naysayers, "It's about time."

As we near the end of 2012, and as we witnessed the inconveniences and in some cases devastation caused both this year by Superstorm Sandy, and last year by Irene, we must begin to look at common sense alternatives, instead of simply discussing obstacles as problems, and stating alternatives are either impossible or far too costly. We cannot continue putting off paying attention to infrastructure issues, or competent think-ouside-the-box alternative planning. Here is only a partial list of some common sense much needed solutions:

1. Make Harbor Rd. a one-way street away from Shore Rd., and make Mill Pond Rd a one-way street towards Shore Rd. This would address both quality of life as well as safety issues. Pollution would be reduced by reducing the long line-ups of cars at the intersection of Harbor and Shore, and would enhance safety by better controlling the flow of traffic in an organized manner onto Shore Rd., especially when cars are attempting and often unsafely making left truns from Harbor onto Shore Rd. Yes, there would initially a very minor inconvenience, but it is very slight, and this is both workable and far safer.

2. Make Central Ave. and Columbia Pl. both right-turn only onto Shore Rd. Those on Columbia needing to go to the left could turn right onto Central and then right again onto Main St., and those that need to turn left onto Shore Rd. could simply go down Main St. instead. Is there some minor inconvenience? Yes, but isn't safety more important? Are we going to wait until there is some tragedy there? There are also other locations near where Shore Rd. approaches Main St. where there should be one-way turning, as well, for safety reasons.

3. Enforce the no double parking/standing on Main St. existing laws, as well as the no u-turn on those streets. In fact, why do we have traffic laws if they are largely ignored?

4. If we ever want Main St. to have a chance to become somewhat revitalized and to maintain/attract merchants to this area, we must begin to pay serious attention to convenient parking, and not just pass over this or give it lip service only.

5. Aren't you tired of politicians blaming others, or agencies passing the buck? We keep being told that they can't bury utility lines because of the costs, but isn't it also quite expensive to hire out-of-area workers, not to mention the amount of lost business, spoiled food, people without heat and electric, etc.? In the aftermath of this storm, I continuously read about people considering installing and maintaining generators – isn't there a real cost to that? How about the health issues involved in these interuptions? It is costly to bury lines, and I know LIPA is still in debt because of Shoreham, but someone should come up with a way to spread this cost out over many years (perhaps via government guaranteed bonds or financing), and do this in a proactive instead of band-aid approach. One of the highest taxed areas in the nation should demand a better way.

6. We need realistic and workable solutions to address surges and how they impact the Sound, harbors, ponds, etc. We must demand that there is some sort of better sea wall system that might at least significantly reduce the impact, and this should be for both the harbors and ponds. I, for one, am tired of being told why we can't do anything. Let's find a way to do some proactive planning and implementation.

Can we do this? Sure, we can, and certainly it will not all be easy, but things never get better unless we begin our efforts. Let's enhance our standard of living and services by not taking no for an answer!

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Joyce Schneider November 30, 2012 at 06:29 PM
All very pertinent points for us to consider! As always, Richard, I appreciate your pragmatic, practical and proactive approach to matters that impact public safety and quality of life!
jonathan winant December 01, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Richard after speaking with several people at the PW Police I was very surprised at the answers I received. What you said about Main Street and drivers is just a small part of the problem. Things will not change until someone or numerous people are critically injured along Main Street. To prove this fact look at how nothing came changed after the driver who ran through a standing red light at Shore Rd. and Manorhaven Blvd. Caused a three care accident. Even after wittnesses said the driver did not even slow down for the red light nothing happened in the way the Police patrol PW. roads. I wonder how worse our roads will get when and if the rezoning plans gets approval and new construction starts and more people move to the Main Street area bring more vehicular traffic?
jonathan winant December 04, 2012 at 10:52 AM
Richard: Common sense should have prevailed but in our society common sense is long forgoten. Own a home you should be responsibl;e for tree trimming. I wonder how this matter impacted the lose of electricty in P. W.? Gas Stations can not operate without electricity still there is a lot of complaints about having to have generators. Sation owners need to consider the lost revenue versus the cost of a generator.
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