McDermott: Finding Best Replacement for Superintendent Is Top Priority

Vernon McDermott is newly elected to Port Washington School Board.

Patch checked in with Vernon McDermott, who was  the  Tuesday. Here is what he said:

Patch: What do you hope to accomplish and/or contribute while serving as a trustee?

Vernon McDermott: Find the best replacement superintendent. Broadcast  BOE meetings so people can watch from home if they want to. Optimize the number of BOE meetings and make them as efficient as possible. Introduce more technology into the classroom leaning on private funding and business partners. Get the best value for each tax dollar, and educate people on how the money is spent.   

Patch: Is there an issue in the Port schools that you find particularly important?

McDermott: The issue that has overnight become the most important is finding the best replacement for our departing superintendent. Selecting the top executive is arguably the most important job a board has. That takes the top spot on our list of things to do.

More people in our community need to understand the serious financial state of our school system. The system in its present form, with our existing tax base, and our increasing cost structure is unsustainable. We will need the entire school community's help and support to get to where we need to be.

Patch: What are you looking forward to the most about being a member of the board of education?

McDermott: Witnessing the wonderful development of our children in the caring hands of our talented, dedicated, and competent teachers, mentors, and administrators. Seeing parents get better educated about the system, and more and more involved in education.  And of course I look forward to all the supportive, uplifting comments I expect to see from the community!


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