Schreiber Football Aims for More Wins

A look at the Screiber High School's football season.

Football Coach Jamel Ramsay said the key to the Port Washington Viking's success so far this 2012-2013 season is team work.

"We try to have team-building moments with the kids," Ramsay said. He added that he wants to emphasize an attitude of "we're in it together."

Though more wins are something teams aim for, Ramsay said the Vikings are taking each game one at a time. The team's record so far this season is 1-0, with a win against Roslyn. The previous season, the team's record was 0-8.

This season's team is consists of approximately 10 juniors, 5 seniors and a few sophomores.

"This year we have a good chance to win some games," Ramsay said.

Ramsay's goal is for the Vikings to continue to improve each week. He described the team as being in a developmental year. The previous season, the team was playing against other groups who were larger.

Port Washington football fans can catch the Vikings Saturday at 1:30 p.m. against Friends Academy at Schreiber.


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