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Village of Port Washington North Municipal Court
71 Old Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050
Village of Port Washington North Building Department
71 Old Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050
Robert Barbach, Building Inspector<br />Fred Lauria, Deputy Building Inspector
Incorporated Village of Port Washington North
71 Old Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050

The Village of Port Washington North was incorporated only two-thirds of a century ago.More However, the Village, part of the Cow Neck peninsula, dates back to the mid-1600's and is one of the early settlements on Long Island. The creation of the Village of Port Washington North and its land use relationship to the peninsula is directly related to its natural resources. Examples of this include the grist mills, which were built where there was water to power them and sand mining which occurred where there was sand and a means to transport it away. The process of land use evolving from natural resources must be reflected upon. In the process, history and the progression of land uses must be examined along with the current conditions in order to plan for the future. Simply put, it is necessary to know who we were, so we can decide what we want to become.

The Village celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1982, at which time it designated eleven sites as "Historic Landmarks" and commemorated the occasion by erecting bronze plaques at those locations (soon to be attached figure showing a map of the Village and the locations). In 1976, during our Nation's anniversary, the Village erected a bronze plaque identifying the "Mill Pond Historic District" which declared as such in 1973 by the Vilage Landmark Preservation Commission. Therefore, the Village and its officials perceive and acknowledge its historic character and historical implications.

The Village and the Cow Neck peninsula trace their beginnings back to early European settlements when the Town of Hempstead (which then included the Town of North Hempstead) was created in 1644 by the Dutch. The English subsequently created the entity of Queens County and the New York legislature created North Hempstead in 1784 located within Queens County. Nassau County was created as a spin-off when the City of New York was created in 1898.

The population grew slowly in the Port Washington-North Hempstead area from 1790 to the early 1900's (prior to 1940) as follows

1790 - 2,696
1840 - 3,891
1890 - 8,134
1940 - 83,385
1990 - 218,624

Incorporated Village of Sands Point
1 Tibbits Ln, Sands Point, NY 11050

Incorporated in 1910, the Village of Sands Point, New York covers nearly 3,000 acres at the tip of the PortMore Washington peninsula less than 25 miles from Manhattan. It is now home to more than 850 families.

Sands Point is a residential village: the only non-residential establishments permitted within the Village are houses of worship, primary and secondary schools, the Village Club, a nature preserve owned and maintained by Nassau County, a private golf club, and the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults. All of Sands Point is zoned for single-family dwellings only, and no partial rentals are permitted.

Most municipal services are provided for residents by the Village. Sands Point has its own water and police departments. The Village supplies refuse removal through its contract with a private carter. Most of the roads in Sands Point are owned by the Village, which contracts with independent firms for cleaning, plowing, and repair services. Fire protection, school, library, post office, and ambulance services are provided to Sands Point residents through the Port Washington Fire Department, School District, and Post Office. There are no sewers in Sands Point; solid waste is disposed of by private cesspools maintained by each home-owner.

Village services are paid for with funds raised primarily through Village property taxes. Sands Point residents also pay property taxes to the Port Washington School District, which supports the public schools and the public library; to the Town of North Hempstead; and to Nassau County. (County taxes are included in the Town tax bills.) Sands Point receives other income from its various fees, and from the state and federal governments.

The Village budget is drafted by the Mayor and adopted by the Board of Trustees. The Mayor and Trustees are elected by registered voters in annual elections held in the Village Hall during the third week in June and are responsible for the enactment of all Village laws and the appointment of all Village personnel, including the members of all other Village boards and commissions.

Mailing address: Incorporated Village
of Sands Point
P.O. Box 188
Port Washington, NY 11050-0109

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