BID Announces Manhasset Bay Photo Contest

Open to all ages; cash prizes for winners.

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District is launching a new photo contest. Here's the announcement the BID released Thursday.

Manhasset Bay is one of Port Washington’s most beautiful attributes…and arguably its most photographed. The Bay offers so many wonderful vistas both from the shoreline and of the land from the water that it’s hard not to take a picture (or dozens) of it whether one lives in Port Washington or is just visiting for the day. 

To showcase the beauty of Manhasset Bay as a shining star of Port Washington, the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (BID) is conducting a photo contest with fabulous prizes.

The contest is open to photographers of all ages and types of photographers, whether an amateur, student or professional, in a photography club or otherwise. One first prize of $1,000, two second prizes each of $500, and three third prizes each of $300 will be awarded.

“Port Washington and Manhasset Bay in particular are so spectacular, this photo contest is a wonderful way to showcase its beauty,” BID Board Vice President Christina Cheng said. “We know that many people take pictures of Manhasset Bay. We can’t wait to see the submissions. I’m sure they’ll all be wonderful and it will be difficult to choose the winners.”

Contest submissions will be accepted between October 15 and December 31, 2012. One entry is allowed per contestant and one image per entry. All entries and photos must be submitted via email. No photos will be accepted after December 31, 2012. Winners will be contacted on or before February 15, 2013 and an awards ceremony will take place soon after the awards announcement date.

Photos can be submitted from any season and don’t have to be taken within the contest timeframe as long as they are submitted between October 15 and December 31, 2012.

Contest rules and an entry/release form are available for download and submission on www.pwguide.com. Click on the “photo contest” icon at the bottom of the PW Guide home page. If, after reviewing the contest rules and entry form, you still have questions, send an email with your questions to portwashingtonphotos@gmail.com.
Happy photographing!

Art December 07, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Will entrants receive confirmation of their submission?
Christopher James February 28, 2013 at 12:28 AM
I read this as a joke at first, but your is name "Nassau Taxpayer"...Now I'm wondering if you are seriously concerned that you are paying for the county to provide a plane for contest entrants...


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