Even Summer Fun Needs Security

Although the official start of summer is still almost two weeks away, for many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the season and all the summer fun that goes with it.  Outdoor concerts, street fairs, charity walks/runs, festivals and other events in the parks and on the beaches are the stuff that summer memories are made of, and it seems that more and more of them are popping up each year.  People remember the sun, the fun, the food, the music, the entertainment, but the one aspect they don't remember is the security - unless something goes wrong.  Special events security may be one of the most necessary but under-recognized aspects of planning a special event.

Nothing can ruin the enjoyment of a summer event like being a victim of a crime, or just feeling intimidated by rowdy event goes who are getting out of hand.  A lack of security at special events can result in anything from a pick-pocket's delight, to an uncomfortable event,  to tragic acts of violence.  With the increasing use of portable media, even the smallest lapse in security can be recorded and released to the internet before event management is even aware that it has occurred.  Something as minor as a fist-fight can shake the public's confidence about their safety at a particular event or venue, making it more difficult to attract event-goers in the future, and resulting in a loss of both reputation and revenue.

For over a decade, Security USA has been a leader in special events security throughout the metropolitan New York area, providing security for concerts, parades, festivals, charitable events, religious celebrations  and a host of other functions.  Their founder, Rami Hahitti served in the Israeli Defense Forces Special Forces Unit prior to emigrating to the United States, giving him first-hand experience in how to minimize security risks while maintaining the quality standards of a vibrant, open society.  David Boehm, COO of Security USA brings twenty years of experience with the NYPD, having retired after serving as a Lieutenant.  His experience adds a high level of familiarity with local law enforcement policy, procedures and personnel and provides another important perspective on security at public events.

Effective special event security begins with a thorough analysis of the realistic risks involved, including accessibility of the venue, on site physical risks (water, fireworks, etc.), anticipated number of guests, presence of high-profile individuals, public perception of the event or organizers and more.  At Security USA, attention to detail in the risk analysis stage is a crucial aspect of creating an effective AND cost-effective special events security plan.

Depending upon the needs of the event, the venue and the sponsors, Security USA can provide unarmed or armed security guards in full uniform or plain clothes to stand out or fit in.  From beach casual to black tie, their trained professional security guards can dress to accommodate anyone's special event security needs.  For events which involve celebrities, public figures, persons of high net worth or others who may require special personal security, Security USA offers highly trained professional bodyguards and chauffeurs, both armed and unarmed.  In addition to security staffing, they can provide the portable technology needed to secure any event, include metal detection technology and other aspects of access control for restricted areas.  As a full service security company, Security USA  is uniquely positioned to be able to provide golf carts or cars for parking lot patrol, perimeter surveillance equipment and monitoring and a host of other equipment and services to provide one-stop shopping for the best special events security services, while keeping costs down.

With all the news of random acts of violence in the media, state, county and city venues, like parks and beaches are increasingly requiring those seeking permits for activities to provide security for their special events.  Some may try to make do with their own personnel in an attempt to save money, but there is no comparison between the effectiveness of a professional security plan and team and a couple of guys wearing "Security" t-shirts.

Just as the outdoor event season doesn't actually begin with the first day of summer, it doesn't really end with the first day of autumn.  Harvest festivals, religious observances and celebrations, charity fundraisers and a host of other special events continue throughout September, October and even into November.  Entrusting the security of special events to the seasoned professionals at Security USA can help to ensure that the seasonal events you've work so hard to bring to life are remembered for all the right reasons.


Security USA is a security guard company with offices in midtown Manhattan, Smithtown, and Florida, providing quality security services to commercial, residential and personal clients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, New Jersey, Connecticut and the entire northeast as well as Florida.  They can be reached at 1-866GUARD80.  www.securityusa.info


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