About Last Night...(with apologies to David Mamet, Rob Lowe, and Demi Moore)

Some post mortems on the election and the general state of discourse in our communities today.

My take on last night's results? My candidate did not win, I am not happy about that as I believe he was the right person to allow us to say in 4 years: "Yes, I am better off than I was in 2012." That being said, like Mr. Romney and many others (including many of you), I will pray for Mr Obama, his family, and his advisers. This was not a runaway--about 57 Million people voted for Mr. Romney and I sincerely hope that all of them will endeavor to have their voices heard in a positive, constructive manner.

Personally, this election process, tedious as it had become, will cause me to be more tolerant of and patient with views different from my own. I will not reduce my standards and compromise the values instilled in me by my parents and passed on to my children (in conjunction with their mother, of course), but I will listen to anything anyone has to say, as long as the message is not delivered in a shrill, how-can-you-not see-it-my-way manner.

A quote on TV this morning said that the Republican Party and Mr Romney allowed themselves to be shaped and defined by their opposition. I have long felt that when such occurs, you play away from your strengths and don't focus on what you are really good at. Sad, but maybe a lesson learned. 

The country is great because we have 2 major political parties and a vibrant forum for discussion, but I don't feel, as some do, that this is a disaster for the country or Republican party. In adversity there is opportunity, but from the Democrats' perspective, they have to realize that they didn't come close to a sweeping mandate to govern. Bullying, Chicago-style politics won't get anything done and if Mr Obama wants to leave a legacy and have the Democratic nominee win in 2016, he will have to be more co-operative and communicative, more in tune with issues, less selfish and realize what is best for his own party and the country after he leaves office.

Also, there seems to be a growing tendency to emphatically 'spike the football' when receiving news, especially when that news adversely affects someone we we may not like or with whom we disagree. I understand everyone's competitive nature, but my goodness, careful that what goes around does indeed come around, and I am only partially talking about the election yesterday. I'd be thrilled if we expressed way less hate and schadenfreude in the world.

Thanks to all my friends and neighbors in Port and environs for this opportunity to communicate to you. I value all of our interactions and conversations and will look forward to many of the same over the next 4 years and beyond.


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Jennifer Wilson-Pines November 08, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Teh Republican party was not chaped by opposition, but by allowing it'self to be taken over by the extreme minoroty. I'm a Democrat, but grew up (in Wisconsin) voting both sides of the aisle, depending on who I thought could do the best job. Not anymore. (Witness the extremest at the helm there now) Until you purge the extreme idealoges, the moderates will vote elsewhere.
charles fiori November 08, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Jennifer, thanks for your thoughts. Regarding being shaped by the opposition, that was a comment I read on a TV screen. It does imply competing off one's back foot, which is a more defensive posture than offensive, which I definitely feel the republican party did for too long. I completely agree about the extremists---I think on both sides they have undue influence given the size of the bloc, maybe because they are louder?
George Mulligan November 11, 2012 at 03:27 PM
I am very depressed over the results of this election. I was hoping for a Republican sweep. This country can't take four more years of gridlock or out of control spending.
George Mulligan November 11, 2012 at 04:26 PM
My brother who lives in Wisconsin is thrilled to have Scott Walker as his governor. He said his local taxes have decresed since Mr. Walker got into office. Compare that to Port Washington where my property taxes have increased over 15% in the last two years even with the 2% cap. I would hardly consider Scott Walker an extremest. And even in the recall vote he was triumphant. My brother also has Paul Ryan as his congressman. Another level headed thinker who wants to solve the overspending by the Federal government. 16 trillion in debt and going up every minute. People who want to cut out of control spending should not be labeled extremists.
Art November 15, 2012 at 01:01 AM
I guess it's fashionable now to spend more than you earn.


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