PW Blvd CLOSED on Sat. July 14 from 4pm till Midnight?

PW Blvd CLOSED on Sat. July 14 from 4pm till Midnight?

Did anyone else see this alert from the MTA. If this is correct someone got a permit to close 4 lanes of a state road on a busy summer week day? Did the Port Washingtoton police approve this permit if there is indeed one? Talk about a traffic nightmare. This is not like closing main street, would love to see your comments...

From: "Long Island Rail Road" <LIRR@alerts.mta.info>
Subject: LIRR Parking at Port Washington Station on Sat. July 14

On Saturday, July 14, from 4:00 PM until midnight, Port Washington Boulevard will be closed from Wakefield Ave. to Main Street, for the Nassau County Firefighter's Parade and Block Party. Both LIRR parking lots (north and south sides of the station) will not be accessible to customers during this time. Please plan ahead and make alternate parking arrangements.

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port pride July 16, 2012 at 03:58 AM
We bought, prepared a car load of groceries for a family event, never made it, our roads were blocked off period.The point everyone is making//lack of notice & most had NO NOTICE.(who is paying for the spoilage?) While you were in the parade, we watched so many irate people getting out thier cars to ask what is going on, therefore it was obvious hey too didn't know. A complete lack of consideration for people regardless of which town it was in.Why weren't arrangements made for at least a "detour"/ "exit" out of town. Saturday at 5 pm is prime time. Many people work & run home to get ready to get back out. Stop & think about the Summer months are when families spent time together, go to weddings, communions, reunions,airport to travel!Maybe put our shoes on.What if your husband & you were on the way to this parade that seems so important to you &you missed it cause your town didn't give you notice.The simple fact is that closing a thru way into and out of ANY town for ANY reason other than an emergency is outrageous and truely unnecessary. (whether it be a 1 hr or 3 hrs) I agree that Bar beach could have been a better location. It was almost as though the FD wanted to "force" you to watch the parade!
port pride July 16, 2012 at 04:00 AM
In regards to the volunteers, I am not descrediting what it is to be a volunteer fire fighter. However if they are in fact drinking, driving&trashing &being desruptive within the neighbor, they should realize they are in fact degrading themselves& the uniform.I'm posting this in hopes that the people come out & speak up so it doesn't happen like this again. I understand SEVERAL years ago a man had a heart attack by the beaches and no help could get to him due to the road closures for a town even. Since then, road closures have had detour routes. What happened with this event? I bet other towns refused the parade. If Port was so gracious to host the parade, then they should have at least been gracious enough to provide escorts in/ out to a detour for the people that were blocked in& had places to go.
Camerasnob July 16, 2012 at 06:50 AM
Due to all of the personnel in town and on standby response times were probably as low as they ever could be this weekend.
jonathan winant July 22, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Port Pride your comments are beyond comprehension because pride or the lack of it has nothing to do with town government not alerting residents well ahead of time of such a massive event. If the Rail Road could send out an early alert then why did the TONH only offer 24 hr. notice? As Police informed me using the two exits oyut of P. Washington which were still opened was not an easy task. Getting to Beacon Hill to head to West Shore Rd. took a great deal of doing otherwise you were stuck using Lowwer Main St. to Plandone Rd. Were you stuck on your block or did you have t change long made plans at the very last minute?
jonathan winant July 22, 2012 at 12:27 PM
MY last post should not have been pointed to Port Pride it was another person who keeps bringing up the issue of Pride. I deeply appoligize and have to agree with those comments which mention poor planning and the problem of being notified to close to the prade date.


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