The Oklahoma shooting of Christopher Lane

photo of: Christopher Lane
photo of: Christopher Lane


Australian ex-change student; going to college in Duncan, Oklahoma gets shot while jogging? The national media, who is only scratching the surface of the problem, blaming the boys who shot Lane, I agree the charges for all three of the killers should be equal charges, across the board. 

This happened after the Zimmerman verdict to be clear to the reader: As sad as, it is, our own justice system that may have played a role in this murder too?

The problems are much deeper than what’s being told in the Christopher Lane shooting. All the media is trying to talk about is the “double standard” charges of the murder and that there is something odd going on in our justice system in America?

It’s true the “American justice system” is so corrupted, that they can’t give justice correctly to the ones who do heinous act of violence it seems.  With a justice system carving the future for America, it only seems to be a bleak one at best?

We can talk about the previous murders in this country all we want? But until the main problems in America continue to go unaddressed we’re just spinning our wheels! I’m taking about gun control. A lot of growing teens really believe that they don’t have a future in America? Because our jobs keep getting sent overseas and the remaining companies in America only cut back employees and the population only grows. Yes, this all effects are teen hopes for a future and with making guns so available by our government laws; it invites heinous acts of violence to be an easier option for our teens and people with mental disabilities to act against America.

We have to address this problem at the top before these kinds of problems can be considered to be resolved?

      “Gun Control,” is America’s number one problem.

I don’t think people can be trusted with guns anymore in America there to irrational, and it should be illegal to purchase them in this country. This country is way too violent and way too suppressed, for that to be a right! What’s worse is our justice system and corporations in America lead the way on violence!

We just look like a bunch of criminals; to the rest of world? From the ones running America; all the way down to the punks who, shot Christopher Lane.

 That’s the sad truth of the matter right there.

Now how does America go about fixing this problem? It all starts with law making, but there’s too much money in corporations and gun groups that will stop are legislator from passing harsh gun measures. Unless our American legislators stand up against gun advocates groups these; “Christopher Lane murders and Sandy hook” will continue in American…

With America’s great history of wars, this is the war America will go into history not winning, the war at home!



Fox Muldeer

John Chalker August 26, 2013 at 01:34 PM
Dear Fox, God-fearing, law-abiding, patriotic Americans shouldn't have their 2nd Amendment Right thwarted by the actions of a few. The needs of "growing teens" shouldn't dictate loss of constitutional rights either. Check your spelling too......it may add more credibility to your slant on gun control.
Fox Muldeer August 27, 2013 at 01:34 AM
I'm pretty sure if the government did a study on people that own guns? They would find out 100% of the gun owners would qualify as assholes! So, if all assholes in America truly are gun owners? They need that 2nd Amendment right taken away as of now! But thanks, for the insight on your stance pertaining to this article.....lol
Tony Patrick August 28, 2013 at 02:39 PM
those kids were looking to kill. if not with a gun, it could have been a baseball bat or a stolen car. they had a gun available. i have a gun at home, does not make me a killer or desire to kill anyone. if owning a gun makes you want to kill, then your should be locked up. what about blaming the parents, something that nobody ever does, they should be held responsible too for not knowing what their childeren were doing.
Art August 29, 2013 at 11:02 AM
Inappropriate Postings
Reckless September 02, 2013 at 02:27 AM
No wonder the jobs you want are being sent overseas, you can't even communicate coherently enough to make this article understandable or worth reading. The take away message is that you blame an inanimate object for the voluntary actions of a bunch of criminals. Get with the program, Trayvon was a criminal, these kids were criminals too; criminals who were too young to buy or legally possess a handgun and who continued their string of crimes to include murder. Maybe you should concentrate on bettering yourself and your own family. Learn how to read and write coherently and maybe you'll land a decent job. Teach your children to better themselves and work to improve your community, but no, the lazy and weak will always suck dry the taxpayers and continue to blame someone else and something else for their problems. Go away, America doesn't want you.


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