PWFD Host County Parade in Port Washington, Drills in New Hyde Park

Find out which local roads will be closed.

The Port Washington Fire Department is hosting the 2012 Nassau County Parade and Drill Friday and Saturday.

This multi-day event brings together more than 70 Nassau County fire departments. This year the parade and block party will take place in Port Washington with drill team events taking place in New Hyde Park.

Specifics to include times will be posted at a later date. Below is a tentative calendar of events.

Old Fashioned Drill Team Tournament 
Friday 6 p.m. and Denton Ave Training Facility at Michael J. Tully Park

Motorized Drill Team Tournament
Saturday 8 a.m. at Denton Ave Training Facility at Michael J. Tully Park

County Parade
Saturday 6 p.m. on Port Washington along Port Washington Boulevard and Main Street, beginning in the Salem area. 

Block Party
Saturday 6 p.m.-midnight at the LIRR parking lot opposite Flower Hill Hose Company #1

All events are open to everyone.

Road Closures in Port Washington

Expect Port Washington Boulevard to be closed from Stonytown Road to Main Street, and from Main Street to Mackey Avenue from about 5 p.m., with Main Street shortly after. These roads will be closed until at least 9 p.m. 

The parking lots east and west of the Long Island Rail Road will not be accessible during the block party, so be sure to make alternative arrangements. 

port pride July 16, 2012 at 03:48 AM
In regards to the volunteers, I am not descrediting what it is to be a volunteer fire fighter. However if they are in fact drinking, driving&trashing &being desruptive within the neighbor, they should realize they are in fact degrading themselves& the uniform.I'm posting this in hopes that the people come out & speak up so it doesn't happen like this again. I understand SEVERAL years ago a man had a heart attack by the beaches and no help could get to him due to the road closures for a town even. Since then, road closures have had detour routes. What happened with this event? I bet other towns refused the parade. If Port was so gracious to host the parade, then they should have at least been gracious enough to provide escorts in/ out to a detour for the people that were blocked in& had places to go.
Camerasnob July 16, 2012 at 06:07 AM
I've gone to calls that I otherwise would have missed because of horns. Text service is spotty, pager batteries die, pagers get left next to my bed or in the bathroom or sometimes just don't go off like they should. It's a small inconvenience that helps us to help you. I get no benefits, I'll never collect LOSAP, I'm not compensated for the money I spend on gear, gas, clothes or food. I get a $40 plate at an annual diner that I rarely attend and a decent TV to watch while I wait to go on calls...
Camerasnob July 16, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Several people I know don't drink...including me...so......
Nassau Taxpayer July 19, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Good but sad illustration of the cost of poor/no advance notice and communication of the back-draft and flash-over of this event -- the complete loss of a holiday weekend evening's restaurant covers and proceeds, not to mention loss of cost of goods, at one of the finest restaurants in Port Washington: "No Advance Notice Of Road Closures Hurt Local Businesses" http://portwashington-news.com/2012/letter-no-advance-notice-of-road-closures-hurt-local-businesses/
mr tax payer September 14, 2012 at 05:03 AM
all of this celebration and the PWFD drill team (which a waste of tax payers money) wins nothing....i think i may report the PWFD to the IRS and Kathleen Rice for wasting taxpayers money....u madd????


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