Schreiber to Be On 'Limited Lockdown' Thursday

The measure aims to ensure student safety.

Schreiber High School will be on "limited lockdown" Thursday, after school officials learned of a threatening comment written on classroom desk.

An automated call and email message was sent to parents at about 5 p.m. Wednesday, saying, "While we by no means believe this threat to be real, prudence tells us that swift and decisive action is the best way to ensure student safety. As a result, after consulting with detectives from the Port Washington and Nassau County police departments, a limited lockdown will be in effect tomorrow at Schreiber High School."

The campus will remain open, but the building will only be accessible through the main entrance, with all other doors locked. In addition, the perimeter of the building will be patrolled.  

The message went on to say that all students will be searched upon entering the building, with police on campus providing additional support.

Port Washington Police District Assistant Chief James Salerno said there would be an increased police presence at school on Thursday. 


We remind you that school will go on as usual tomorrow and we urge your child to attend.  We are taking these steps because it is the right thing to do, not because anyone perceives these scribblings to be a real threat to anyone’s safety.


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