New Meters in Port Washington; Fees Changed for Film Crews

News from North Hempstead.

If you missed Tuesday night's Town of North Hempstead meeting, here are the highlights:

  • Two parking meters will be added in Port Washington – one in the Frank's parking lot and one in the lot behind the Dolphin Bookshop, Councilwoman Dina DeGiorgio said.
  • The board approved a measure changing the fees surrounding filming in North Hempstead and the duration crews can spend here. The time has been changed from three days to two weeks and the fees are on a sliding scale.
  • A no parking restriction has been added from the Queens/Town of North Hempstead border heading southeast for 90 feet on Nassau Road's southwest side in Great Neck.
  • Full stop restrictions have been put in place on the northern and southern sides of Hillside Boulevard where it intersects White Avenue.
  • A public hearing on the redistricting of the Town will be on Oct. 2.
  • The expected revenue from the Town of North Hempstead community center is $74,270. This was made a supplemental budget appropriation.
  • The town received $5,005 as a settlement related to damage to a pole at Clinton G. Martin park.
  • The town had to pay $1,520 for damage to a vehicle.
  • Bryan O'Malley has been elected to the Protection Fire Engine Company No. 1 in Port Washington.
  • Hugo Shum has been elected to the Vigilant Engine & Hook & Ladder Company in Great Neck.

This article was updated to reflect the correct location of one of the new parking meter pay stations – behind the Dolphin Bookshop. 

jonathan winant September 17, 2012 at 08:21 AM
I do remember seeing one building along Main Street with the name Gotham you have to look at thetop of the facade of some buildings to see the names
Local Resident September 17, 2012 at 12:30 PM
I'll take a "wait and see approach" on whether or not the politicians listen to the community they were elected to represent. So far, so good...but a couple of extra parking meters seem to be an obvious and easy solution, so if we are giving kudos, then thanks, congratulations and way to go...those extra meters are greatly appreciated. Let's see if the politicians listen when it comes to rezoning Main Street...so far, there has been tremendous criticism from the community regarding the plan, yet ToNH has decided to take control of and further develop the plan. Let's see if they have listened and adjusted the plan according to the what the COMMUNITY wants, not what RESIDENTS (for a More Beautiful Port Washington) wants. And they have very obviously been responsive when it comes to dealing with the Shield's Building eyesore. Any "beautification" of Main Street should start at this property...its an embarrassment to Port Washington.
Nightmare September 18, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Nassau Taxpayer = Former Councilman Fred Pollack.


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