NorthShoreAlert: Many Local Villages have 90% Outages and More

LIPA suspended restoration operations until 7 am Tuesday.

NorthShoreAlert relayed this message at 8:15 p.m. Monday. 

As of 8:15pm, we have been advised that over 50% of the residences on Long Island are without power.
Many of our local villages have 90% outages and more. 
Residents have been asking what they should do if they cannot reach LIPA.
LIPA has suspended all restoration operations until 7am because of the dangers.
Sadly we must report that we have been told that there is nothing else for them to do except to try to reach LIPA later or in morning.
(As a reminder info for contacting LIPA is on pwmoem.org)
Police and Fire has requested that you -not- call them to report power outages unless real emergency.
Good night.  Stay safe.
Peter Forman
Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management


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