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NorthShoreAlert Updates Street Evacuation List for Peninsula

List is "not comprehensive," but includes streets in Sands Point and Plandome Heights.

NorthShoreAlert, a mass communication system for the peninsula, has updated the list of streets required to evacuate Saturday by 5 p.m. per County Executive Ed Mangano. NorthShoreAlert has also provided some additional hurricane safety information.

On Friday, Mangano ordered the evacuation for those residents in low-lying areas that are 10 feet above sea-level or less, or in homes in storm surge areas.

With some residents unclear as to their homes' elevation, NorthShoreAlert points to http://veloroutes.org/elevation/, a reference tool. However, because NorthShoreAlert has "no way to confirm its accuracy, use it with discretion/caution," the latest message stated. 

Manhasset High School is now open as a shelter, and is expected to open as a shelter at noon, according to NorthShoreAlert.

"Just because your home isn't on this list does not mean that it is not at risk – it could be," the NorthShoreAlert message stated. Conversely, not all homes on the listed streets are necessarily at risk. So please use these lists merely as an assist in making a decision. Ultimately, this is a decision that you need to assess.

Send questions to alert@northshorealert.org. Sign up for updates at NorthShoreAlert.org.

Here is NorthShoreAlert's revised evacuation list, which is "not comprehensive."

Roads South of Cambridge Road in Manorhaven

Anchor Way

Old Wood Road

Norwood Road

Marwood Road South

Linwood Road South

Kaywood Road

Marwood Road North

Linwood Road North

Kirkwood Road

Juniper Road

Inwood Road

Hickory Road

Manorhaven/Manhasset Isle

Sitsink Drive East and West

Matinecock Avenue

Secatoag Avenue

Yennicock Avenue

Corchaug Avenue

Nesaquake Avenue

Manhasset Avenue

Mohegan Avenue

Pequot Avenue

Sagamore Hill Drive

Toms Point Lane

Port Washington North

Shore Road

Mill Pond Road

Harbor Road

Smull Place

Baxter Estates

Bayside Avenue

Ridgeway Drive up to and including 11

Central Drive up to Ridgeway

Plandome Heights


Some homes on Beachway

Sands Point – some of all of the following

Lighthouse Rd

Half Moon Rd

Hoffstot Lane

Plum Beach Point Rd

Pelham Ave


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