Candidate Profile: David Brackett

A look at the candidate running for Port Washington Water District commissioner.

Patch asked each candidate on the ballot in the election for Port Washington Water District commissioner the following: Why are you running for water commissioner? What do you see as the issues that need addressing?
What makes you uniquely qualified for the position? What would be your top priority as water commissioner? Here is David Brackett's response:

1.  I am running for water commissioner because I believe that all Port residents have the right to expect their water to be safe,
economical and sustainable. It is a goal that the water district has achieved during my 21 years as a commissioner and
a goal which needs to continue to be achieved in the future. I will use my business skills, environmental awareness and community
advocacy to make sure that this happens.  

2.  In Port the primary issues are industrial contaminants and salt water intrusion into the aquifer. Fortunately, the district has been 
addressing these issues for many years and, as a result, has treatment facilities and water modeling tools in place to provide for safe
water today and in the future.  As the district has been forced to build an ever increasing number of treatment facilities in residential 
neighborhoods we have been sensitive to the residents of those neighborhoods and have designed our facilities to blend in with the surrounding 
homes.  We want to give you great water and be a good neighbor at the same time.

3.  My 21 years of experience at the water district, my long history of participation in groups which strive to makePort a great place to raise a 
family, my record as an environmental activist and the business management skills I have acquired during the 30 years I have run my own business make me uniquely qualified for this position.  I have earned the trust of the community during the past 21 years and hope to continue
to deserve that trust in the future.

4.  My top priority will be to continue to monitor the effects of contaninants and salt water on our drinking water resource.  The goal remains the same...to provide a reliable source of safe and affordable drinking water for today and properly manage the resource so that the same goal can be achieved in the future. 

Editor's note: Special district elections in Port Washington take place Tuesday from 12-9 p.m. at the Polish American Cultural Association.


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